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  1. Sausage in Section 17

    Basic thumb drive question

    I bought 2 (cheap) 32 GB USB 2.0 data sticks, and when I try to upload a couple of different 5-6 GB HD video files onto them, I get a message saying the files are too large for this format. Any guesses what is going on here? Nothing on the package said anything about formatting. Generally...
  2. Sausage in Section 17

    Super Bowl Summary, on acid

    Hold on to your brain....  
  3. Sausage in Section 17

    Skiing- 2012-2013

    Seems like we're overdue for this thread. It is officially the season, and I was lucky enough to kick it off this past weekend by making the trek with my 13 year old daughter over to the Rockies to ski at Lake Louise and watch Lindsey Vonn prove again why she is the easily the best American...