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  1. Humphrey

    How many of these pitchers with one career Red Sox save do you remember (2000-2021)?

    He had a couple bad outings at the beginning of the year and IIRC Bobby V made some comments that shattered what little confidence he had at that point. He was in the minors a fairly long time, IIRC; and there weren't very many doing the job well on the big club while he was down there.
  2. Humphrey

    How many of these pitchers with one career Red Sox save do you remember (2000-2021)?

    Williamson was the closer for Game 5 in the first round vs the As. Sox were up 1. Walked the first two guys and got yanked, Derek Lowe came in and got the save; w/2 strikeouts with the winning runs in scoring position. The 3 saves Williamson got in the playoffs were all against the Yanks...
  3. Humphrey

    How many of these pitchers with one career Red Sox save do you remember (2000-2021)?

    I knew Person pitched for the Phils, not the Jays and most certainly not the Sox. Willie Banks I recall as a Twin; shocked that he was here 2 seasons and appeared in 29 games in his second year here. Abad, Shiell, Gomes. Don't remember them as Sox at all Wasn't Chris Haney the guy on...
  4. Humphrey

    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    A lot of interesting 4 team divisions could be created if there were 32 teams. For example, you have in the NL the Giants, Dodgers, Padres and Diamondbacks, sort of the Pac 12 of MLB. But wherever you add or move someone, there'd always be a team or two far away from everybody.
  5. Humphrey

    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    Believe their stadium was used for baseball but don't think the remodeling would allow for it now.
  6. Humphrey

    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    I'm surprised that the Austin area is that large, if you combine its SMSA with San Antonio's, you have nearly 5 million people. It would have to be a NL team; there's no way they'd have another AL franchise in proximity to Houston and Dallas.
  7. Humphrey

    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    I do think 32 teams is a better number than 30 if you're going to have an equal number of teams in each league. Having 1 interleague series ongoing at all times including down the stretch is horrible. Of course, the pandemic has pretty much ended this discussion for a while. There is no...
  8. Humphrey

    5/11 vs. Heat

    Williams was missed in this game more than Brown. Kornet was a DNP in favor of GW. Somehow they held their own w/GW in there.
  9. Humphrey

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    Actually I stand corrected, Langford's active, which I'm shocked to find out. Played 3 minutes Friday end of game (the game was so awful, I turned it off; and I usually watch until the bitter end). Sunday was DNP-CD. I'm trying to decide whether this is good or bad. Good I guess in the...
  10. Humphrey

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    It would be nice for Romeo to get some added time; of course, he'll probably be in the concussion protocol until the leaves start falling again.
  11. Humphrey

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Except for the part about the fans willing to turn a blind eye to all the incompetent play going on game after game. Maybe an inordinate amount of the few that get to go to games this year do? Which, I for the most part can understand; is one supposed to jump through hoops to get to a live...
  12. Humphrey

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    With Brown now done, if we don't see an uptick in this guy's minutes, you have to be 200% sure he's in the "just passing through" category, like Wagner was.
  13. Humphrey

    I Believe in Time Lord...Why Can't You?

    I hope he was just awful today and not hurt again.
  14. Humphrey

    5/9 vs. Miami

    I got disgusted a couple times during the game and fast forwarded my dvr. Did Williams get injured again or just plain wasn't effective and never came back in? And when was the last time except in garbage time you saw a NBA team with 3 guys that small on the court (Kemba, Carson, PP)?
  15. Humphrey

    2020 College Hoops Thread

    Hartford made the dance this year and announced today they are dropping down to Division 3. I believe that's going to be an intra-state even swap, however; New Haven seems to be planning on moving up.
  16. Humphrey

    Retired Numbers

    Gary Washburn tried to make the argument 2-3 years ago that the Celtics' lack of "Good Numbers" would hurt them when recruiting free agents. I think for the most part that's ludicrous; however, given that they could hang up something much more suitable to honor Walter Brown and Red Auerbach...
  17. Humphrey

    Retired Numbers

    It'd be one thing if the NHL was using only numbers from 1-31 (goalies were 1, 30 or 31 and the other guys wore the numbers in between) or thereabouts like the old days, but in terms of guys adapting numbers previously only used by football offensive linemen and wideouts; the "good number"...
  18. Humphrey

    5/5 at Orlando

    When the hell did that happen?
  19. Humphrey

    Packers: Rodgers’ Chances of Returning to GB in Jeopardy!

    It would also put he/them ahead of the franchise whose coach the trophy was named after if you exclude the years they won when he was the coach.
  20. Humphrey

    5/2 vs Portland

    Got to match what the competition did last night. BTW the Thunder followed up their win last Monday with a 55 point home loss to the Pacers. Score at the half was comparable to what the Celtics overcame on Friday; shows you what an accomplishment it was to come back like that.