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  1. GreenMonster49

    5/4 - Hallelujah

    Bjork had two goals, plus the only shootout goal. And Buffalo's goalkeeper, Houser, the sixth player to start in goal for the Sabres this season, is now 2-0 in his NHL career.
  2. GreenMonster49

    Tom Wilson

    That reminds me. Thornton got a match penalty for his takedown of Orpik, under NHL rule 46.15 ("A match penalty shall be assessed to a player or goalkeeper who punches an unsuspecting opponent and causes an injury"). Why did that not apply to what he did against Panerin?
  3. GreenMonster49

    May NHL News

    He got a double minor for roughing (one for the actions against Buchnevich and one for the actions against Panera) and a 10-minute misconduct. Good job, good effort, refs.
  4. GreenMonster49

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    It might have tied the record. Nationals 162, Pistons 135, February 8, 1963
  5. GreenMonster49

    4/27 vs OKC

    Brown and Pritchard were a combined 8-21 shooting 3-pointers. The rest of the team was 3-28.
  6. GreenMonster49

    4/25- Celtics @ Hornets

    On Saturday, Olynyk essentially played point-center (11 assists) for the Rockets, who had one guard on the active roster, against the Nuggets (Armoni Brooks, 1st career NBA start). The Rockets dressed eight players but one (Danuel House) was not going to play and another (Jae'Sean Tate) tweaked...
  7. GreenMonster49

    Tremont Waters is Bad

    It's not even a record for this month. On April 2, the Raptors blew out the Warriors, 130-77. Gary Trent, Jr. was +54 in 30 minutes, but Stanley Johnson somehow managed a -7 in 20 minutes.
  8. GreenMonster49

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    The problem with that analysis is that Drummond signed with the Lakers to be the starting center there. He's not coming off the bench or being used in certain matchups. He might be more of the focal point of the offense in New York, but if his goal was to play, I can't fault him for picking...
  9. GreenMonster49

    Thank You, Jackie Bradley Jr.

    Two great things about that catch. First, Bradley makes it look like Camden Yards is his home field--he never looks for the wall; he just knows exactly where it is. Second, either that day or the day before, noted radio troll Adam Jones was scoffing that Bradley's defense was not going to...
  10. GreenMonster49

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Kanter is getting starter's minutes now only because Nurkic is hurt, but his current ratings make clear that, while his defense is not good, his offense is very good (ORtg of 129 and DRtg of 113: A lot of his value to the team is from...
  11. GreenMonster49

    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Enes Kantar has 13 points and 16 rebounds (and a team-high +19) with 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter--they may be depleted but the Blazers do have a post defender.
  12. GreenMonster49

    Jaylen Brown's 2020-21 Season

    Notice how he dips and advances his left shoulder as he goes past his defender--it's a great use of fundamental positioning that makes the rest of the drive so much easier.
  13. GreenMonster49

    1/17 - Knicks @ Celtics

    Aren't they calling games from well above courtside (at home) and from a monitor (road games) this season?
  14. GreenMonster49

    76ers: 2020-2021 thread

    Tacko Fall has as many made field goals taken more than 10 feet from the rim thIs season as Ben Simmons does. (1 each)
  15. GreenMonster49

    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics

    If you go to the box scores, individual player stats (for everything but free throws and turnovers) are links to videos of those plays in the game.
  16. GreenMonster49

    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics

    One foot barely over the line.
  17. GreenMonster49

    Tatum out 10-14 Days per Covid Policy

    Great question. First , the technical fouls for the 6th and subsequent personal foul are team technicals and technicals assessed against the player. But Rule 3.I is silent about disqualification due to technical fouls. I would guess that if literal push came to literal shove, we *might* see a...
  18. GreenMonster49

    Tatum out 10-14 Days per Covid Policy

    NBA rules always let you keep five players on the court. If the five players on the court are the only ones available, then on a player's sixth (or higher) foul, the opposing team gets a (team) technical free throw in addition to the normal result of the foul, but the player remains in the...
  19. GreenMonster49

    FA Cup

    Derby's senior squad, manager (Wayne Rooney), and most of its under-23 squad were ineligible due to COVID-19 protocols. Chorley outshot Derby 19-2. The starters wore shirts 1-11 because none of them had an existing senior team number.
  20. GreenMonster49

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    I went to several Celtics games at the Garden three seasons ago. During halftime of each game, Baynes was on the court a few minutes before the rest of the team, and took 17-20 foot jumpers from each elbow during that time. That's a (small) part of that long road.