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  1. coremiller

    Messi on the move?

    Whoa: View:
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    2020 Summer Transfer Window

    The window in England runs July 27 - Oct 5. What will transfer fees look like in a time of COVID? How will the sudden shock of decreased revenue affect the market? Will some teams need to sell players to raise cash to fund operations? Chelsea have already been active buyers, setting up deals...
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    2019 49ers: Ain't Nuthin But a (Jimmy) G Thing

    Time for a thread after a dominant 4-0 start. DVOA has them with the 6th best 4-game start since 1986. They aren't that good, but they're legitimately good. How good, it's hard to say, because they haven't played anyone above average yet. But they've been blowing out the crappy teams they've...
  4. coremiller

    9/21-22 Weekend Game Thread

    Leicester and Spurs start us off. Coffee is brewed. Oh and I guess Southampton and Bournemouth played a derby yesterday. Spurs have dropped Eriksen and Dele in favor of a Winks-Sissoko-Dembele midfield. Quite an up-tempo start in the first few minutes.
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    2019-20 EPL Predictions

    With the EPL season set to start on Friday (yes, that came up fast, as it always does), it's time for the annual predictions thread. Links to previous years: 2018-19: 2017-18...
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    The Champions League Final: Liverbird vs. Cockerel

    This match deserves its own thread. With apologies to Burnley, Swansea, Palace, and West Brom, the trophy for Best Club-With-a-Bird-on-its-Crest is on the line. Liverpool vs. Tottenham. 3 pm on Saturday on TNT.
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    EPL Round 26 Gamethread

    Burnley fight back to get a 1-1 draw against City after Sterling misses a sitter. Mourinho responds to getting thoroughly outplayed by Spurs on Wednesday by dropping OG Jones from the squad altogether and starting Scott McTominay over Pogba. Mou is the best. Never change, Mou.
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    A new season starts Friday, which means it's time to once again demonstrate for the record that nobody knows anything. Link to last year's thread, where I predicted Arsenal would win the title and Leicester would finish above Liverpool...
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    4/22-4/23 Weekend Game Thread: FA Cup matches that are actually interesting

    Teams for Spurs v. Chelsea: Chelsea: Courtois, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Ake, Moses, Kante, Matic, Alonso, Willian, Batshuayi, Pedro. Subs: Begovic, Zouma, Terry, Chalobah, Fabregas, Hazard, Costa. Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Trippier, Dier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Wanyama, Dembele, Son, Eriksen...
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    EPL Finances

    Swiss Ramble has been tweeting out EPL clubs' financial statements. They're pretty interesting but they don't really fit in any other thread, so I'm posting them here: EPL wage bills: revenue: wage to turnorver ratio: There's a lot more at the @swissramble twitter account and it's...
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    12/3-12/4 Weekend Gamethread: El Classico and El PetroClassico

    I'm starting the gamethread early this week to complain about the Premier League scheduling the best match of the weekend for an early kickoff, again. This is the third time in four weeks. In Week 12, it was Man U vs. Arsenal. In Week 11, it was the North London Derby. This week, it's Man...
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    8/24-8/25 Weekend Game Thread

    No Rooney for Man United today against Leicester. Smalling heads in a corner and United are 1-0 up, although they haven't looked that impressive.
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    2016-17 EPL Predictions Thread

    The season starts in four days, so it's time to go on the record so that in 10 months we can all look back and realize none of us know anything. Of course teams could still change significantly before the window closes. Even besides that, I can't remember a season with so much uncertainty...
  14. coremiller

    Chat S--- Get Banged: Leicester Have Won the League!

    I'm not a Leicester supporter, but I think this team deserves its own thread, and they don't seem to have one yet. This is clearly THE story of the season so far. They are on fire right now, having taken 26 of their last 30 points. They were listed at 2000:1 to win the title before the...
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    The 2015 49ers: Busted Kap.

    Seems like this team needs its own thread, and as the resident 49er fan I'll start it.  Coming off a bizarre and largely disastrous 8-8 season, the team has had a totally bizarre and mostly disastrous off-season so far:   1) They fired Jim Harbaugh, who was 44-19-1, made three straight...
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    Derby Day Gamethread

    7:45 Spurs vs. Arsenal 10:00 Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid 12:30 Liverpool v. Everton 2:45 Juventus v. AC Milan (ok, not a derby, but still an important fixture even if Milan are in a down period)   Now that's a proper Saturday.
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    Week 8 gamethread

    Man City and Spurs get things started. 1-1 after 15 minutes. Both defenses looking shaky.
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    Adopt a Team - Brazil

    The hosts hardly need much introduction.  Five-time champions, the only team to play at every world cup, joga bonito, etc.   Squad:   GK: Júlio César Jefferson Victor   Defenders: Daniel Alves Maicon Thiago Silva David Luiz Marcelo Dante Maxwell Henrique   Midfielders: Ramires Oscar Paulinho...