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  1. NickEsasky

    NFL Draft Rd.2-3: Discussions, Rumors & Spoilers Gamethread

    It’s gotten to the point where if anyone SMU likes gets drafted before the Pats pick I get disappointed.
  2. NickEsasky

    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    Just so SoSH doesn't lose it's baseball cred I have to pick this nit. This is backward. Control is the ability to throw strikes, command is the ability to put the ball exactly where you want it.
  3. NickEsasky

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Rodgers just wants out to take his dream job full time.
  4. NickEsasky

    Julian Edelman released and announces retirement

    The PS is a reference to when Jules stole Adriana Lima from Matt Harvey sending Harvey into a tailspin where he was too hungover to make his next scheduled start.
  5. NickEsasky

    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Total warrior and a guy you could almost always count on to make a play when you needed it. Hopefully, his knee issues don't plague him in retirement.
  6. NickEsasky

    Is it time to talk about Coach Brad?

    Even worse he lost his dribble twice during those 22 seconds and remained unfazed and continued to pound the ball until he took a tough shot with the clock winding down.
  7. NickEsasky

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Hank's sports info is basic AF but please god no more Billy on PMT. He almost drove me away from listening entirely.
  8. NickEsasky

    LeBron James to join FSG as full partner and become part owner of the Red Sox(among other FSG entities)

    The Sox are gonna get to the line so many times now.
  9. NickEsasky

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.13 at Chargers

    This is a solid post, but my only nitpick is that it seems Belichick started zagging before this year with where he was spending draft capital. Seemingly he had a plan to go smashmouth the last few years and built the roster to accommodate that. Sony, Harry, Harris, etc. Even if Stidham worked...
  10. NickEsasky

    Celtics New Alternate Uniform---Yay or Nay?

    I feel like something like this could work well as a t-shirt but not a jersey. Having all the logos on it just makes it way too busy to execute well.
  11. NickEsasky

    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    A guy with 3200 followers doesn't like the Celtics draft. Color me concerned. /sarcasm
  12. NickEsasky

    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    2020 is NOT a rose. RIP, Tommy
  13. NickEsasky

    2020 Pats: NE Trade Deadline Thread

    Hopefully less than a 2nd
  14. NickEsasky

    2020 Pats: Gilmore Tests Positive for C-19 but Asymptomatic

    Probably because it is a discussion board and he felt it's worth discussing.
  15. NickEsasky

    2020 Pats: Cam Tests Positive

    Maybe a pandemic wasn’t the best time to book an away game roadtrip?
  16. NickEsasky

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    I don't believe it can be because the ball technically never left Tatum's hand. The only way to really goaltend a dunk is if the defender comes up through the rim I think.
  17. NickEsasky

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    He was also fouled on that play (perhaps prior to the shot) with the shirt grab so it easily could have been a 4 point play there.
  18. NickEsasky

    Celtics-Raptors 2nd Round--Dethrone the Champs

    It was in the NBA App. If that is inaccurate my apologies.