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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    Full disclosure, I watch a ton of SEC football every Saturday possible, Alabama is my team. So I do feel very secure in saying I’ve watched genuinely literally every snap of his on the Tide. The old joke used to be in 2018 specifically that he was on a handoff tour because he never got to...
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    5/7: Corbin vs. Taillon

    I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle to trample Washington, to live and die amongst you all; to lay down for my God of BABIP, and for this kingdom’s fan base, and my pinstriped people in...
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    5/6: Five Reasons to Sweep: McCullers Jr. vs. Cole

    Coming soon! Just need to take care of a little something on my end. :)
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    Psssssssst 2021

    There’s some precedent I found from research about a no-hitter with the only batter reaching was from a dropped third strike: In Korea. On May 23, 1997, Jeong Min-chul of the Hanwha Eagles threw a no-hitter as part of a larger 8-0 victory against the OB Bears, at Jeonju Baseball Stadium. Other...
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    5/4: Five More Good Things: Greinke vs. German

    A game like this is as solid a reminder ever that mean reversion should be expected and to not trust the fallacies of small sample sizes. Not here, people are rock stars, but moreso the fan base at large.
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    5/4: Five More Good Things: Greinke vs. German

    This cycle discussion in the booth brings parallels to the history of Lou Gehrig’s first cycle on June 25th, 1934. He hit for it, sure, but the only reason it happened is because he was thrown out at home going for an inside the parker, hence the triple.
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    5/4: Five More Good Things: Greinke vs. German

    Big playoff energy today. I thought that was almost too strong, would be foul. Incredible.
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    5/4: Five More Good Things: Greinke vs. German

    German just put that on a tee. That’s embarrassing, hate the fact he still gets starts from a baseball perspective, forget how awful he’s been off the field.
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    5/2: Five Reasons Why: Urena vs. Kluber

    Trick seems to be the change today for Kluber, over half them have resulted in swings and misses. Also worked for him last start.
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    4/30: Five Reasons the Glass is Half Full: Skubal vs. Cole

    If this runs south, I’ve got tomorrow. Or whenever we need the next one. Hopefully that’s not for quite sometime.
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    April Game Thread

    119th time since 1901. Overall it’s Yelich, 9/26/18. Last Dodger was Greg Brock as mentioned on 5/17/83, last against the Padres was Dusty Baker on 9/28/80, also for the Dodgers.
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    April Game Thread

    Worth staying up for the game and also hearing Benetti say ‘squeezing out number two’. I know, I’m 13 at heart.
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    April Game Thread

    No reason to watch ARod if at all possible, Statcast broadcast has been crushing it as usual on ESPN2. Gus Zernial 1951, Frank Thomas 1962, Lee May 1969, and Jeff DaVanon 2003. I hate that this series has to conclude with a Mickey Mouse bullshit base runner. Fucking hell. For context, of...
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    Psssssssst 2021

    The history of the faux-no: This is the 38th such instance going back to 1884. This is game number four nullified due to planned shortened IP, joining Fred Dupree Shaw in 1885, 5 IP, Jake Weimer in 1906, 7 IP, and Ed Karger in 1907, in a 7 IP perfect game. Hearing talks MLB wants to give MadBum...
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    April Game Thread

    I can see it was clear cut Thursday Slow motion weekdays hype me up Padres infielders got me wound There were no defects to be found Baseball bats cracked as their sound.
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    4/22 - Domingo does it

    Torres, Hicks, Odor, Frazier SLG summed: .958 Higashioka: 1.000 Ah, the wonder of small sample sizes.
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    April News and Stuff

    Remarkably not the case. There may be some other games to fit the bill but I found that Chicago made a fascinating example of this in 1985, in a regulation loss no less! On the flipside, it does make Pittsburgh the first team to win a game after being outscored by 5 in the 3rd. Previous teams...
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    4/17: Glasnow vs. Montgomery

    Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. -Buddha That was the grotesque scene last night in the Bronx. Anger festering like that of a swollen boil upon the face. But perhaps, for the sake of all that energy...
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    4/14: It’s Ross Stripling, guys. Wake up!

    Okay, I’m pissed off, I’ll get the Tampa game thread kicking for Thursday.
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    4/14: It’s Ross Stripling, guys. Wake up!

    Holy hell, Michael Kay basically just read my very specific Judge stat on the air before the Bruce K. View: Great way for Urshela to stay with that ball, very smart and patient swing.