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  1. Old Fart Tree

    2020 NFL: Gambling Thread

    Seems a little silly to think about recreational gambling in a pandemic but here we are. I like the big dogs on opening weekend. If I was laying money I’d find someone to tease with Miami +12 (from +6).
  2. Old Fart Tree

    2019 Stanford Football: Who %#*^in’ Knows?

    Well, they squeak one out agains northwestern, who is totally not the same team on the road. Not sure how the NU linebacker didn’t get tossed for targeting, but it is what it is. The offense looked pretty pedestrian.
  3. Old Fart Tree

    Le Cardinal de Stanford 2018: Faut-Il-y-croire?

    Well that was something. As I get old and withered I find myself less enthralled at my team’s outrageous victories and more feeling bad for fans like oregon, who even though they root for a corrupt band of kleptocratic sneaker pimps, deserve better than to have a sure 31-7 lead flip to 24-14 and...
  4. Old Fart Tree

    Stanford Football 2017

    ...I know next to nothing about this team. I kinda checked out in December when the administration tried to kill the Band. Anybody know... anything? "Basically everybody not named McCaffrey or Solomon Thomas is back, in other words, and Shaw just signed what was, on average, his best...
  5. Old Fart Tree

    2016 NFL Gambling Thread

    There's no thread? Well, now there is. I could not BELIEVE that the Jets were a pick'em today. That was... lucrative.
  6. Old Fart Tree

    Stanford Football 2016: Chryst on a Cracker

    Is he any good? Does it matter who hands off to McCaffrey 35 times a game? Will the band get in trouble? I'm feeling good about this thread. Like, might crack double digit posts kind of good.
  7. Old Fart Tree

    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney That's my godson Harrison. He needs a kidney. It's expensive as hell: $300k and insurance covers 60%, so his folks are trying to raise $120k. I've sent Plinys to a few of you on here over the years, and stopped because it's a pain in the ass to get them, but I...
  8. Old Fart Tree

    Keep Yourself Laced: NFL Gambling Degeneracy 2015-2016

    I like the Cleveland, Minnesota, and St. Louis money lines week 1. Also, it is dumb to bet week 1 lines on August 20th.   The Pats -3 is a terrible line. It's a stupid line if Brady plays and it's even stupider if he doesn't. I'm kind of surprised Vegas doesn't take it off the board until...
  9. Old Fart Tree

    Stanford Football 2014: We're Not Actually That Good

    This thread attracted a diverse array of four posters last year, so why not start it again?   I'll probably sound like I did last year - which is to say, like I've sounded every year since they got good - in saying "I have no idea how this team is ranked so high" but that's sort of my battered...
  10. Old Fart Tree

    Your 2014 NFL Gambling Thread

    Never too early?   Arizona Cardinals o7.5 (-150), u7.5 (+120) Atlanta Falcons, o8.5 (even), u8.5 (-130) Baltimore Ravens, o8.5 (-115), u8.5 (-115) Buffalo Bills, o6.5 (-170), u6.5 (+140) Carolina Panthers, o8 (even), u8 (-130) Chicago Bears, o8.5 (-170), u8.5 (+140) Cincinnati Bengals, o9...
  11. Old Fart Tree

    It's that time of year when like me and two other guys talk about Stanford Football

    Maybe it'll be three guys this year, what with them coming in 4th in the AP, 4th in the USA Today poll. The general consensus in my neck of the woods is that it is going to be VERY hard to live up to that ranking. The defense will still be very...