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  1. Nick Kaufman

    Help with Excel Macro

    So I am trying to create cells split in two background colors. Problem is that Excel is using a gradient effect and it doesn't look good. I want two solid colors. After googling for a while, I found a guy facing a similar problem which he solved by using a macro. His code is this...
  2. Nick Kaufman

    Strange bluetoth problem

    I am stumped. 1. I am on Windows 7. For years I have had a Microsoft bluetooth mouse that I had it paired with a bluetooth dongle. It worked fine. About a week a ago, it stopped working. I tried everything to pair it again with bluetooth, no go. 2. I buy a new mouse, it arrives today. I try...
  3. Nick Kaufman

    Maradona dies from cardiac arrest at 60

    Not fully confirmed yet, but I see news of this in semireputable sources like the Sun and the Daily Mail. He had brain surgery earlier this month.
  4. Nick Kaufman

    Hurt Feelings and the transfer market, where no one is sad to see Suarez leave.

    What is a tragedy is that one more year, Suarez and Cutinho's European ambitions will remain unfulfilled.
  5. Nick Kaufman

    Unlocking a Virgin Mobile phone

    I recently bought an iphone se off Ebay. After I did so, I discovered that it was locked with Virgin Mobile. No biggie I said it to myself, I will have it unlocked. Unfortunately to my amazement, after I visited a few cell phone shops, the best that could be done is a temporary unlock; should...
  6. Nick Kaufman

    How do you turn your PC into a DVR?

    My current cable provider is Verizon FIOS. I do not have a DVR. I am interested in recording shows from my TV to my computer. Ideally, I would be able to channel surf or do something else while I do so. Can I do this? How? Is there a capture card you would suggest? How about software? I then...
  7. Nick Kaufman

    Digitizing old VHS Tapes

    I have some old vhs tapes that I am just tired of watching them take space, so I want to copy them to my PC and just throw them away after that. Those tapes can be separated on two categories, important and not so important. 1. The important ones are old political ads from Greek...
  8. Nick Kaufman

    Goal or Offside?

    I am putting this in a neutral forum, because I want to hear people who literally have no bias for this. What do you think of this? Is it a goal or an offside?
  9. Nick Kaufman

    The New Mozilla Firefox

    Got upgraded last night. The layout seems cleaner and it's probably faster, but it's frustrating that most of the popular extensions work because they haven't upgraded to the new api. The biggest problem for the time being is that I cannot save my session before I close the browser. Any...
  10. Nick Kaufman

    Weird email from google

    so yesterday, I got an a mail from google informing me that someone tried to log into my email account from Ohio and that I should change my password. Only trouble is that the email they sent a notice about was an aol email account. Normally, this would be a fishing attack, but the google...
  11. Nick Kaufman

    I think I just contracted a nasty trojan

    So I did a google search, clicked on a link containing an article. Milliseconds after the page containing the article started loading I got transferred to a new page that informed me that I had an outdated version of adobe flash and I should download the new version. Stupidly I did so, but...
  12. Nick Kaufman

    CMS for blogging and potentially more

    So I recently registered for twitter and that sparked the blogging bug I used to have many many years ago. So I am thinking of rebuilding my old blogging site, partly as an outlet to do some writing, but partly as an outlet to do web design which I actually enjoy a lot. I am also thinking that...
  13. Nick Kaufman

    Is my SSD failing me?

    I got a Samsung 850 pro about 6 months ago.   About a month ago, I got a BSOD. I didn't give too much thought to it. At various points, I had the computer start chkdsk on reboot.   Around 10 days ago, I started having some lag in loading some programs. Then I got some error about having a...
  14. Nick Kaufman

    Did I destroy my wireless gamepad?

    So I have a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 that i am using it in conjunction with xpadder. For the past couple of weeks or so, at random times and with rhyme or reason, it was pressing continuously a couple of buttons until it stopped doing so. I thought it was a piece of dirt or something so I...
  15. Nick Kaufman

    Scott Brooks Fired

    OKC long nightmare is over?
  16. Nick Kaufman

    Did I just burn my SSD?

    I think I did, but I want to confirm there's nothing else I can do and I haven't done more damage.   So, I was putting together the last pieces of a computer I am building and I try connecting a dvd drive and an ssd. I turn the computer on but as I am checking the Bios, I realize i didn't...
  17. Nick Kaufman

    Tha Bulls

    So, this article argues that Pau Gasol is actually the 4th best big man on the Bulls roster and that he's just putting empty stats while clogging the bulls spacing, throwing Noah off his game and playing bad defense. The solution? Play Mirotic more. It sounded convincing to me. I know that Rose...
  18. Nick Kaufman

    Boot problems

    Ok here's the problem:   1. I just put together a new pc I was building for a friend and I was just initiating the process of testing it out.   2. Said computer doesn't have a dvd drive.   3. About a month ago, I installed windows 8 on an extra SSD I had laying around on my default PC. This made...
  19. Nick Kaufman

    Replacing a USB receiver

    I ve got an HP elite wireless desktop (keyboard + mouse combo). Unfortunately the USB receivers were big and bulky on those things and mine broke down. I ve found a seller on ebay who's willing to sell me his USB receiver from another set of the same model. Will the new USB receiver work with...
  20. Nick Kaufman

    Is Xiaomi the Next Big thing?

    This past couple of weeks I came across a slew of articles about a phone company I hadn't heard before, Xiaomi. It's a chinese company and normally, as soon as I hear that piece of information I get a snobbish and turn around determined not to hear anything more about it. But this one looks...