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  1. Bongorific

    SoSH Baseball Card Break - Signup and Poll

    In for one.
  2. Bongorific

    Sports Cards Mania

    Sure, I’m in for a break.
  3. Bongorific

    NBA Top Shot

    Thanks. For whatever reason it worked this time. But of course I wasn’t eligible to wait in the queue as I don’t have any cards. Need to have cards to buy cards. What a world.
  4. Bongorific

    NFL Draft Rd.4-7: Everything Goes Gamethread

    Happy to hear you say this now because you seemed kinda down on the first 2 picks.
  5. Bongorific

    Pats Draft Rd.4/120: RB Rhamondre Stevenson

    His running style reminds me of Marshawn Lynch a bit.
  6. Bongorific

    NBA Top Shot

    Are sign ups basically closed? I signed up a month ago and still haven’t received the invite email.
  7. Bongorific

    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    I was also hoping and thinking they would transition to a more modern QB. But I’m not sure I think “dual threat” when I look at Lamar Jackson. I see single threat. Yeah, it would be fun to watch Lance or Fields if they turn out to be similar style to Mahomes, Allen, or Rodgers; guys that think...
  8. Bongorific

    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones

    One other thing I know: it turns out it didn’t really matter if they were 7-9 or 5-11. They chose Mac Jones over Fields, and the other 3 QBs went so high it didn’t matter.
  9. Bongorific

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

    Lions pick in. Wasn’t that a likely NE trade partner?
  10. Bongorific

    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    I can’t wait to see @AlNipper49 ’s response.
  11. Bongorific

    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    Yes that’s a good point. And there’s probably an aggravation charge of texting while speeding. The police have have a lot of discretion on what they want to do to investigate. I side with Mauf, though, that for a single car crash within injuries to the driver only, I’m not surprised that they...
  12. Bongorific

    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    I’m assuming this was a state owned road with state police jurisdiction. They have more resources than local cops and may do a more robust investigation if there’s suspicion that the driver was drug/alcohol impaired and there’s the possibility of a really serious criminal charge. I don’t know...
  13. Bongorific

    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    Yeah it doesn’t seem all that surprising to me that they didn’t get a judicial subpoena for his phone records. Could they have? Sure. But it was a single car accident where thankfully no one else was hurt. There’s no civil or serious criminal charge here (if they thought he wasn’t impaired by...
  14. Bongorific

    Herron Stops an Attempted Roethlisberger

    Yeah it was the local PD as they had the other good samaritan there too.
  15. Bongorific

    Herron Stops an Attempted Roethlisberger

    CNN has a clip from the press conference. He’s a hero.
  16. Bongorific

    NFL News and Transactions

    Yeah they are all different players. JuJu plays close to the LOS. Agholor is a true deep threat. He was 2nd in air yards while JuJu was 120. I honestly don’t know what to make of JuJu anymore. He went from electric to pedestrian when he should be entering his prime. I’m sure some of that is Big...
  17. Bongorific

    Pats Sign WR Kendrick Bourne

    I really like this signing. They are adding legitimate NFL starters with demonstrable talent and not the Jordan Matthews, Kenny Britt, Demaryius Thomas type flyers.
  18. Bongorific

    Pats Sign WR Nelson Agholor

    John Brown wasn't the same deep threat in Buffalo that he was in Arizona. That could be scheme based though. Or age.