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  1. McBride11

    Thanksgiving Week Game Thread

    Well instead of the usual single putrid Thursday night game we get 3 games to kick off the week, for those who can stay awake after the tryptophan induced coma. The most interesting game will be undefeated Carolina vs a Cowboys team with Romo back at the helm. 506 Maps for the rest of weeks...
  2. McBride11

    Not jumping to last read post

    After the latest Tapatalk update when I go into threads I have been reading on my iphone, it jumps to newest post and not last read. I checked the settings to confirm it is still on 'jump to last read.' Thoughts? Edit: corrected myself
  3. McBride11

    NFL Week 2 Game Thread

    Since the NFL really hasn't been much in the news we all probably forget that there is really  a football game tonight. The tranquil Ravens hosting rival Steelers lead off this weeks slate of games on Thursday night on CBS or NFLN.   Viewing maps this week   Let's see how much those first week...