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    2020 Pats: General/Non-QB Off-Season Discussion

    Might as well kick this one off.
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    2019-2020 Celtics Regular Season Thread

    To answer lovegtm.
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    Old guys playing in different eras

    It's the offseason now, and with two of the best players on the market out of commission it's going to be a weird and somewhat disappointing one. So let's have some fun with a discussion that has been popping up in various threads. Take a crack at the following questions and try to be...
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    Why the game is better today

    ... because it is more efficient. The trendlines are almost uncanny:
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    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    So completely satisfying to start this thread at the end of October, and not a moment earlier. Upcoming free agents: Kimbrel Pearce Kinsler Pomeranz Eovaldi Kelly
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    The Nuggets have the best HFA in all of sports

    Has anyone seen this study yet? I haven't dug into the details but the chart is striking.
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    The offseason heading into 2018

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    Eric Bledsoe traded to Milwaukee

    For Greg Monroe and two protected 2018 draft picks (1st and 2nd rounders). Certainly makes the Bucks more dangerous. Good deal for the Suns considering that they lost a lot of their leverage.
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    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    While we're in the early stages of the Red Sox's offseason, there seems to be a lot of discussion about a few conventional offseason plans for the Red Sox going forward. Most of this focuses on signing J.D. Martinez and of course the ongoing managerial search. To stimulate discussion, I was...
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    Smart's Value

    What's fascinating is that we're having a discussion as to whether Smart gets $12M or $17M AAV in his RFA contract when twenty years ago, Smart's precursors (guys like Bruce Bowen and Doug Christie come to mind) were bouncing around the league on low-dollar contracts until they found the right...
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    2017 NBA draft game thread

    Have at it.
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    Who's on Third? I don't know

    Third base (surprise!) is a problem for the Sox again. Pablo Sandoval is coming back, reportedly hitting off a tee as of yesterday. Marco Hernandez, his primary replacement, has been hitting a BABIP-inflated .276/.300/.328 and there's no indication that he has the hit tool to stick as a...
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    Baserunning woes

    April's now in the books and the Sox are coming off a pretty rough stretch offensively. This is despite torrid performances from Vazquez (in limited plate appearances) and Benintendi. A few players are struggling out the gate (Bradley, Pedroia, Leon) but the team's run production (93 runs...
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    NFL drug abuse allegations

    Probably merits a thread. Stories and specific details in the link.
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    NBA trade season

    Let's kick things off with this article from the Ringer. O'Connor proceeds to list what he considers three interesting trade candidates: Blake Griffin, Andrew Bogut, and Rajon Rondo. I would argue that list actually contains one interesting trade candidate in the form of Blake Griffin: He...
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    Celtics trade rumors (founded, unfounded)

    Skrub likes new threads.
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    Hackashaq delenda est

    NBA rule changes.
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    Bringing Durant to Boston

    Recognizing immediately that this is very unlikely, it still seems like a focus of the Celtics' offseason will be recruiting Kevin Durant to play in Boston. Early reports have Durant presenting a list of demands that the team will need to satisfy before coming here. True or not, it's entirely...
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    That's great, but who are the Chefs?

    One of the nice things about having both conference games on Saturday means that the Patriots get an extra day to know their opponent. The last meeting against the Chiefs was the infamous 41-19 shellacking the Patriots endured at the beginning of last season. Things have changed considerably...
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    NFL pulls funding from CTE study ($16 million)