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  1. shepard50

    Mookieference Call in ALCS Game 4

    Splitting this out and adding a poll. You make the call. Not the call based on overturning or upholding the West call - what do you think actually happened? Feel free to bring Zapruder quality film, high end audio and any other forensic evidence you can muster,
  2. shepard50

    ALCS Game 5 Pitching Predictions

    It's been awhile since our team has been so out of arms (my mind goes back to Alfredo Aceves "If I wake up tomorrow, I'm good"). Cora went all in on last night's win and we now are on the verge of completing. Price starts tonight, and then what? How long will he go? Who do you expect to see out...
  3. shepard50

    Explainer Video: How Deflategate got it wrong

    What if we made a short animated video that explained succinctly the media turned a nothing into a something, and how this is a pattern that plays out all the time? Could we get the message out? Could we make it go viral?    One of the things my company does is make small "explainer videos"...