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  1. burstnbloom

    Who is this Nathan Eovaldi and what did you do with the old Nathan Eovaldi?

    Nate's strong start to the season had me looking at his fangraphs player page today and it has me wondering what we should be expecting out of this guy going forward? Injury is obviously a major concern but lets assume health for the remainder of his contract (lol i know). I struggle to see...
  2. burstnbloom

    What just happened?

    I know I'm not the only one is this forum that is reeling after tonight and I felt we could use a consolidated place to discuss the dumpster fire that was 6/26/2015.     Sweeney has moved out Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic, resigned Adam McQuaid for 2.75 mil a year and reached for 2 guys by at...
  3. burstnbloom

    The New GM is Don Sweeney

    Adam Jones ‏@adamjones985  22s23 seconds ago Via Stephen Harris, Rangers Asst. GM -- and former B's interim GM -- Jeff Gorton joins Sweeney and Shero as possible Chiarelli replacements.   So we're starting to hear some names thrown out there and I thought it made sense to have a thread dedicated...
  4. burstnbloom

    NHL Trade Deadline Gamethread

    Pierre LeBrun @Real_ESPNLeBrun · 4s4 seconds ago Blackhawks trade first-round pick and a prospect to Arizona for Antoine Vermette, still pending NHL trade call     Yikes, glad this wasn't Chia's move.
  5. burstnbloom

    Tyler Seguin - Revisited v5

      I disagree to a point.  The Seguin deal looks to be an error, but the depth they acquired is part of the solution for the future.  It is fairly reasonable that they can retain the UFAs and RFAs with the cap going up and Iginla's penalty coming off the books.  You have to realize that they will...