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  1. TedsColdHead

    Justin Turner and COVID

    I guess David Price made a good decision to opt out.
  2. TedsColdHead

    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    I miss DO. This is the most I've laughed in a long time. Thanks for that.
  3. TedsColdHead

    Red Sox Offseason News and Notes

    Here is a Fatse appearance from about a month ago on "Ahead of the Curve Podcast"
  4. TedsColdHead

    Official 2019 Summer League Thread.

    And Brandon Clarke was #1 who was available when we took Langford. Hope Danny was right.
  5. TedsColdHead

    Finn: Red Sox Potentially Changing Radio Broadcast Approach

    Could this be similar to what TNT does with the NBA - Players Only broadcasts? They have former players in a "conversational style" who talk over the game. I hate it !!!!
  6. TedsColdHead

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    Watched the game last night from San Diego with Orsillo. I really miss Orsillo/Remy.
  7. TedsColdHead

    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    I will miss him.  I watch on MLB TV, so I get to see all the other broadcast teams when they are on the road.  Most of them are truly painful.  I do like DoB, but this move now is unbelievably stupid.  Just feels like a punch in the gut. 
  8. TedsColdHead

    Allen Ripley - RIP

        Hear, Hear
  9. TedsColdHead

    Schilling Diagnosed with Cancer

      I listened to his interview on EEI.  His doctor said that he should get back his sense of taste and there should be an increase in saliva, but it takes time.  So I assume from his comment that the saliva glands were not removed, but are affected from the radiation.
  10. TedsColdHead

    Remy returning to the booth

    It shows me a window into the motivation into the actions and thinking of the Remy's, which was purely selfish and unconcerned for the safety and well-being of their grandchild and his mother.  All they wanted was to keep them in their lives instead of recognizing that they would be better off...