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  1. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    World Series film on MLB.

    Loved the inclusion of a clip of Dave Roberts' signature steal and score from game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. It got a little dusty in the room. 4 WS championships in my lifetime and it still gets dusty every time I see that replay or a replay of Papi's grand slam off Benoit in the 2013 ALCS.
  2. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Greatest Double Play Duos Ever

    For nothing more than sandy and mental reasons, O Cab and Mute.
  3. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Pedroia taking leave of absence

    Hope this is much shorter than the Dave Cowens leave of absence. Keep an eye out for Pedey driving a cab around Boston.
  4. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Rice, Lynn and Evans

    I will never forget that catch. It cemented Lynn as one of my favorite Red Sox of all time. Rice really had to get airborne, too, to get over Lynn.
  5. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Hackashaq delenda est

    I agree with your assertion but not your solution. Free throws and incessant time outs make the last 2 to 5 minutes of most basketball games unwatchable. Basketball needs rules much more like hockey. If I were in charge of the basketball world, there would be no free throws at all. Free throws...
  6. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    MLB Game at Fort Bragg

    I drove by the site yesterday. No physical structures are up yet. The trees have all been cleared, and what was once an undulating weed fest is now a flat plane of dirt. They have leveled the playing field.
  7. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    1981, I was 18, and the NBA finals were not broadcast live on TV but on tape delay after the late news. I listened to the Celtics radio broadcasts driving home from work in the evenings. Johnny's descriptions of the brutal muggings inflicted on Parish, McHale, Bird and the rest had me livid...
  8. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    MLB Game at Fort Bragg

    I drove by the site today. They have just broken ground. The seating is only supposed to be a temporary structure, but there is so much work to be done. The site is on what was Willow Lakes Golf Course, which closed in 2009 as Pope AFB was taken over by Fort Bragg. Leveling the area to put in a...
  9. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    NFC Divisional Round Game Thread: Seahawks at Panthers

    I actually saw that work in a high school game about 40 years ago. East Longmeadow HS at Minnechaug Regional HS.
  10. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    I would add Mr. Anderson to your list of three. I really want to see that kid pitch at Fenway for the Red Sox.
  11. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Red Sox sign David Price

    I think this is exactly the perspective behind the opt-out. If he wants to leave, let him go. I know this is not relevant to the Price situation, but how many times did Theo try to get out from under Manny's contract? If Manny had an opt-out and used it, Theo would have donned the gorilla suit...
  12. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Thanksgiving Week Game Thread

    On what planet is it considered playing defense when, as a defensive back, you run away from the guy that just entered your zone?
  13. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    NFL Week 11 game thread

    When did blue man group buy the Titans?
  14. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    2015 Rams: Jeff Fisher Fan Club

    Not to defend Fisher, but the VY drafting was entirely the work of the now deceased owner, Bud Adams. That whole QB choice was dicey for the team. They were looking at Matt Leinart, VY and Cutler. The Titans OC, Norm Chow, had coached Leinart, Cutler was the "local kid" who played at and made...
  15. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    NFL Week 8 Game Thread

    Is the GB O-line exempt from holding penalties.
  16. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    NFL Week 8 Game Thread

    They were epically screwed in their super bowl against the Steelers.
  17. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    2015 Seahawks: Our offense doesnt need Lynch, Graham or Rawls

    Given the general disarray that has taken hold in Seattle, have the Niners brought enough order to their professed chaos to have a reasonable chance in their Thursday night contest?
  18. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    I think those last three downs illustrate why Rivers is the best active QB to have not played in a Super Bowl.
  19. 1918stabbedbyfoulke

    Week 6 NFL Game Thread

    I was wondering the same thing.