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  1. NortheasternPJ

    Patriots Move to Electronic Tickets only

    Not sure if this is thread worthy but I was surprised that there are no more paper tickets to Patriots games and tickets will only be able to be accessed through the Gillette Stadium app. I imagine for cold games where everyone has on gloves or games it’s raining this will be a small disaster...
  2. NortheasternPJ

    Gronk: one-game suspension

    i think he gets a game and deserves it. Opening this up based on the GT.
  3. NortheasternPJ

    Bad Hombres: Jerseys Ashore

    Apparently the FBI has found Brady's Jersey...more details to come. Jay Glazer: More details coming up later on @fs1 including FBI being involved bc jersey was on foreign soil, FBI and NFL Sec located Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey FOX Sports has learned...
  4. NortheasternPJ

    Pats / Jets Flexed to 4:25

    Pats @ Jets: 11/27 game. Thank god after being up all night last night!
  5. NortheasternPJ

    Patriots @ Arizona: Week 1

    Haven't seen much on Week 1 so far but starting out Week 1 Pats are between +6 and +7 at Arizona. Outside of the obvious stories on Jimmy etc. I did a bunch of research but this has to be the worst line since 2002: From 2013: And here's another amazing stat: Since that 2005 Colts game, the...
  6. NortheasternPJ

    Multiple Quotes Broken?

    Is there an issue going on with multiple quotes in one post? I'm seeing it all over the place where the first quote is fine, the second is not in a quote box and there's a / quote] tag in the plain text.
  7. NortheasternPJ

    2016 Bills: BRexit

    So Percy Harvin retires? What a mess. I looked at other threads and didn't see it posted already. Edit by SumnerH: split off a 2016 thread from
  8. NortheasternPJ

    Safari Problems with SoSH?

    Is anyone else having problems with SoSH using Safari?   -Safari becomes incredibly slow when trying to reply to a topic. -Quotes in replies often freeze Safari- -Posts are being eaten either completely or partially, especially when using quotes.   I'm testing it in Chrome now, but it's such a...
  9. NortheasternPJ

    Logged Out Constantly

    Is anyone else getting logged out on a regular basis? I'm getting logged out a few times a day. I'm not sure if it's a browser issue on my end.
  10. NortheasternPJ

    Thank You Fonzie: Dennard to be Released.

    Wow, didn't see this coming. I know he wasn't great last year, but who's going to play secondary?
  11. NortheasternPJ

    We're onto Beetle and Zolak: The Midday Thread

    Figure we'd start over.    We just survived the Gresh Era, seems a lot like the week after the KC game this year. We're not here to talk about the past, we're on to Beetle & Zo.   As someone who spends a good amount of time in the car 10-2 going to customer meetings and a fan of Bertrand &...
  12. NortheasternPJ

    NFL Network: All Pats Today - Concluding With Super Bowl Replay.

    Just a public service announcement, the NFL Network has been showing NFL Game Recaps all day of the Pats season. The Comcast Guide is wrong, but anyone looking for this, it looks like all Pats until 8pm tonight when it's Super Bowl 49 replay.
  13. NortheasternPJ

    Trent Richardson & RB Busts

    No!!!!!!!!!!! @BenVolin: #Colts RB Trent Richardson not making the trip to New England due to personal reasons. Boom Herron played 68 of 75 snaps last week anyway
  14. NortheasternPJ

    NES/SNES Emulator No Longer in Apple AppStore

    Just a heads up that an app named Floppy Cloud has been approved on the AppStore as a file transfer tool but it's actually an NES/SNES Emulator   This was the only thing i had thought of jailbreaking for.   I haven't tested it but am doing so now.  ...
  15. NortheasternPJ

    Mcdaniels will not be a Gator.

    @ZachAbolverdi: .@FootballScoop reports former #Broncos coach and current #Patriots OC Josh McDaniels is being "vetted" by #Gators AD Jeremy Foley. I'd be shocked if he went to college. Seems like a step back from what his potential...
  16. NortheasternPJ

    NE & Historical Home Field Advantage

      The Patriots have been outstanding at home, but how do they have the most significant home field advantage in the league?   In the division the Bills and Jets play in roughly the same weather conditions. Miami is clearly at a disadvantage due to the weather The field is now field turf and...
  17. NortheasternPJ

    Oh Eddie

    Not sure where to put this but due to WEEI and D&C this seems to be the best place:  
  18. NortheasternPJ

    Pats First Team to Offer Jersey Guarantee

    Not sure where to put this but it's pretty cool of the Pats. @darrenrovell: Patriots become 1st team to offer fans jersey guarantee
  19. NortheasternPJ

    Dierdorf to retire from stating the obvious

    An early Christmas present! @BenVolin: CBS announces that Dan Dierdorf is retiring after this season. Has been in the NFL for 43 straight years -- 13 as player, 30 as broadcaster