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  1. bg1025

    How much have you watched so far?

    I voted for a tiny bit. It'd be higher if the pitching didn't make me want to puke...
  2. bg1025

    Face of the Franchise

    I vote for Xander. It’s my oldest sons name so hopefully he stays with us for his whole career.
  3. bg1025

    Report: Red Sox and X close on contract extension

    Haha this is awesome. Not just a great deal but I was worrying I'd have to change my son's name had he been wearing pinstripes next year.
  4. bg1025

    Colts Next Banner: We Almost Had McDaniels

    Wow. This is fantastic news!
  5. bg1025

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    This is getting effing ridiculous
  6. bg1025

    Aaron Boone is the new Yankee manager

    That's precisely the reason why I only said slightly.
  7. bg1025

    Aaron Boone is the new Yankee manager

    ESPN broadcasts just got slightly more watchable.
  8. bg1025

    Let's get reasonable (moderate improvements to the roster) So it looks like Matt Adams got non tendered. Would definitely be an interesting option at the right price.
  9. bg1025

    Alex Cora named Red Sox manager

    Interesting tidbit I just realized. "Quality Control" coach Ramon Vazquez was traded to the Sox for none other than Dave Roberts, and was traded from the Sox for..... Alex Cora.
  10. bg1025

    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    Not a huge shock but Heyman says we will be targeting Hosmer.
  11. bg1025

    MLB 2017 Offseason signings news/rumors

    First major news. Upton off the board, extends contract with Angels.
  12. bg1025

    Devers called up to Majors

    Saw him a couple weeks ago in Hartford where he crushed a mammoth home run after fouling a bunch of pitches off. Looked really good. He also seemed more than happy to sign a ton of stuff for people right up until the anthem started. Wish I had brought something with me that day.
  13. bg1025

    Minor League Game Thread

    And Devers with 18. Saw it in person in Hartford. He absolutely annihilated that ball!
  14. bg1025

    Minor League Game Thread

    Devers with a solo shot so far. #17
  15. bg1025

    Here comes Sam Travis

    Well he is on fire. Can he play third base? (not serious)
  16. bg1025

    One Season or Fewer, Your LEAST Favorite Red Sox

    Maybe someone else can corroborate this, but didn't Leyritz do an interview from the stands during the 2003 or 2004 ALCS while wearing one of those lame Yankee bomber jackets and basically shit all over the Sox? I think that's gotta be part of my hate for him.
  17. bg1025

    Fenway Mother's day event question

    Yeah the weather definitely is a big factor as well. Like if I buy a ticket for this and it's a washout am i now stuck with a single ticket for whenever the makeup date is? I'm sure none of the festivities she's supposed to be part of will be rescheduled.
  18. bg1025

    Fenway Mother's day event question

    Hey everyone, just trying to look for some general information/advice. My wife is a breast cancer survivor and was just invited to take place in the Mother's Day event at Fenway on Sunday. I guess her invitation includes a free ticket, private tour, and lunch in the EMC Club. We previously...
  19. bg1025

    Your least favorite TWO YEAR Red Sox player

    Julian Tavarez. Was a headcase and terrible for us
  20. bg1025

    One Season or Fewer, Your LEAST Favorite Red Sox

    Jim leyritz. Decent half season for us but always thought he was a gigantic douche.