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    Best Boston Area Color Commentator of All Time

    Place your bets, place your votes. Top 9 nominees from the other thread are posted below in alphabetical order
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    Best Boston Area Play By Play Announcer of All Time

    Place your bets, place your votes. Top 9 nominees from the other thread are posted below in alphabetical order
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    Nominations for best Boston area Play by Play and Color Commentators ALL TIME

    Make your nominations here. I expect we will do two polls, one for pbp, one for cc. Limit of three of each. Identify if you are nominating for pbp or cc, and feel free to include supporting comments. put names in BOLD , as the board doesn’t allow more than 10 options in a poll, names with...
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    Kevin Durant may be a (insert your favorite insult here) i guess he forgot to use the burner account
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    The 14th Almost Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    We skipped last year, so this is the 14th Annual contest. Copying and pasting from 2019: Here are the rules: -You can't pick someone that's already been picked. -The player has to be on a MLB active roster during the regular season prior to their surgery, (if they're in the minors it doesn't...
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    New MILB team info now available

    Bunch of articles at Hard to link to the main article, but scroll down from the AL Central article on the below link to see the main column, and the division info is below that Worcester...
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    An early look at the 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

    Maybe this becomes an going thread, maybe not. Top carryovers: Curt Schilling - 10th try Roger Clemens -10th try Barry Bonds - 10th try Scott Rolen - 5th try Omar Vizquel - 5th try Billy Wagner - 7th try Todd Helton - 4th try Top new candidates: Alex Rodriguez David Ortiz Mark Teixeira...
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    Woo Sox tix on sale today 11/8 More info here about ticket options
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    Modern Day "Magazine Subscription" issue

    I manage a shared mailbox at work. Logged in this AM expecting my usual 2-12 emails, but there are 1040, plus another 900 in Junk. Looks like the address (it's not published, but vendors have it) got a ton of subscriptions overnight. I've notified IT, haven't heard back yet. Going thru the...
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    Need cheap webcams and lots of them

    I've been waiting for an order of nearly 100 cheap Logitech webcams since late March for the nonprofit I work for. My dealer has been putting me off a week at a time, today he threw his hands up in the air and said he doesn't expect them at all. "All types are backordered everywhere" Hoping...
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    "1970 Bruins: Big Bad & Bobby" to debut on NHL Network on Sunday

    After all, the B's did win the Cup on Mother's Day, so why not?
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    Vote for Best Red Sox Closer

    Nominations are closed after 1 week. Really enjoyed the discussion there, especially the Radatz stuff as he was before my time. Now we find out who SoSH thinks was best. I understand it's like picking your favorite child (although that might be easier now after a month of SIP), but you gotta...
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    I'd guess you could say the first Red Sox closer was The Monster, Dick Radatz Since then there have been 15 other relievers with 47 or more saves for the Sox. Why 47 for a cutoff? Because that lets us include all 4 World Series closers. Why use saves as the criteria? Because I'm not sure...
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    Credit where credit is due: who is responsible for the Red Sox success this century?

    20 years ago the Red Sox were an eighty time loser, suffering through “The Curse”. in the last twenty years they are a four time World Series champion, no other team has had more success. if you had to credit ONE PERSON for the success of the team, who would it be? I expect these replies, but...
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    Jamie Collins to the Lions Pats losing their linebackers
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    Best Patriots Undrafted Free Agent?

    BB always seems to have one make the team. Who has been the best? Malcolm? Brandon Bolden? David Andrews? Consuder peak performance AND full career
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    Will He Still Hate Me? The XFL Game Thread

    Seattle Dragons @ DC Defenders kicks off the new XFL season at 2PM tomorrow on ABC, followed at 5PM by the LA Wildcats @ the Houston Riughnecks on FOX. 2 more games on Sunday!
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    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    Riffing off of the Mookie threads, where I brought up that we rooted for Jose Canseco on the Red Sox, what member of the team do you think was the most disliked one ever at the time of acquisition? I'm not looking for your irrational hatred of Toby Borland, or even rational hatred of Toby...
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    Tickets go on sale Friday: How excited are you about the 2020 Red Sox? It's been one helluva roller coaster ride the past 15 months. From the highs of the 2018 Championship (remember that?) to the lows of the 2019 season to the announcements of tightening the budget to the craziness of the Alex Cora...
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    2020 Pro Bowl: Patriots Performing!

    Rare opportunity to watch your New England Patriots in the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl game, coming up on Sunday, 1/26 at 3PM from Orlando. Hightower, Slater, and Gilmore will be representing the Patriots. anyone planning to watch?