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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Could Binnington have been more out of position?
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Binnington was just lost on that one. Looking forward to Wednesday!
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    PSK said Binnington was no good.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Average length of Bruins offensive possession: 18 seconds. Average length of Blues offensive possession: 3 minutes 20 seconds.* *- math may not be 100% accurate. But hey, whatever works!
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Can’t hit them. Got it.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    They did say something like, “...makes that an easy call. Most of the time.” Not enough irony for my taste, but I think he realized the hypocrisy in the comment.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    The replay on that is going to be interesting
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    MLB Draft Thread - 2017

    Is there any scenario where you'd want/be okay with the Sox taking Heimlich? Does any team take him??
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    2016 NBA Draft Game Thread

    I'm a UVA guy, but I'd love to keep watching Malcolm Brogdon with the Celtics...
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    Super Bowl 50 Game Thread

    Ginn saw no point in getting tackled on that one.
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    NCAA Football 2015: Week 10 Discussion

    Missouri's African-American football players say they just went on strike until the school president resigns/is fired. Racial problems at the school, apparently.
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    Red Sox fire Juan Nieves

      Does his experience have any bearing on whether he was actually successful as the Sox pitching coach?  Look at this other fellow's resume; I see extensive experience there, too, and I bet you agree that he deserved to be fired.   -------------------- He managed in the minor leagues for 16...
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    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 game thread

    Well said.
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    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 game thread

    Not even close to a charge.
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    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 game thread

    Not just the last few possessions. Ever since that timeout where Kentucky got the easy layup on Notre Dame just vacating the lane...the one where the sideline reporter talked about Brey saying they needed there straight stops. :D
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    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 game thread

    Did the UK guy have the ball long enough to end ND's possession and start a new shot clock?
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    David Ortiz writes for the Players Tribune

    Interesting NBC Sports article in response, basically saying that Ortiz just admitted he tested positive at some point:
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    Adrian Peterson indicted for reckless/negligent injury to a child

    I'd respond, but I have it on good authority that literally no one cares about my opinions or the experiences that inform them. See you all around.