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  1. Coachster

    NCAA Volleyball Women's Championship tonight 7PM

    Texas- Kentucky ESPN 2 Anybody?
  2. Coachster

    1/3- and we're on to spring

    I can't believe we're 3 hours from kick-off and nobody has opened the thread yet. Pretty important game huh? ESPN says we have a 71% chance to win this one. I don't know. The Jets are smoking hot right now. You can all now proceed with ripping Cam and guessing about the path ahead. Like...
  3. Coachster

    Strat-O-Matic season simulation- We win the opener!

    I played the APBA simulation game as a kid, but one of my friends was a Strat-O-Matic guy. In any event, they are doing a simulation of the season, and we won the opener! Here's the box score: Here's the link to the season...
  4. Coachster

    NCAA Volleyball Final- Stanford vs. Nebraska

    Apparently I'm the only one out there watching this. Consider this thread a live blog. Go Cardinal.