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  1. bg1025

    MLB 2017 Offseason signings news/rumors

    First major news. Upton off the board, extends contract with Angels.
  2. bg1025

    Fenway Mother's day event question

    Hey everyone, just trying to look for some general information/advice. My wife is a breast cancer survivor and was just invited to take place in the Mother's Day event at Fenway on Sunday. I guess her invitation includes a free ticket, private tour, and lunch in the EMC Club. We previously...
  3. bg1025

    Sox in the AFL 2016

    So now that the season is over. I'm by no means a prospect exper but I figured it would be interesting to take a look at some of the prospects we have participating in the Arizona Fall League this year. If anyone has any better insight into some of these guys I'd love to hear it. We have...