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  1. dhappy42

    Playoff-only contracts

    Marshawn Lynch signing with the Seahawks to play the final game of the regular season, then the playoffs, makes me wonder whether this would be a good career strategy for some baseball pitchers. Skip the regular season, stay in shape, throw bullpens, etc. then sign as a free agent, at a...
  2. dhappy42

    Whatta catch, not baseball division

    This Could Be The 'Catch Of The Century' In Any Sport
  3. dhappy42

    JD 2.0

    JD Martinez is crushing it. I'd love to see him in a Sox uniform next year. JD - Beni - Mookie, left to right. Nothing against JBJ, but as great a CF as he is, the lineup needs more power.
  4. dhappy42

    Where did the Brady/Belichich support Trump thread go?

    I can understand why some people may not think it belongs here, but where did it go?
  5. dhappy42

    Rice, Lynn and Evans

    I grew up watching those three in the Fenway outfield. Benintendi has only been up for a couple of weeks, so maybe it's too early, but the three Killer Bees could rival that trio and have the potential to be even better defensively. None seem to be pure sluggers like Rice, but four/five-tool...
  6. dhappy42

    Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

    I hate nutpunches and the fact that the Red Sox are 5-13 over the last two weeks as much as anyone, but if the season were to end today, they'd be an AL wildcard and play Baltimore. We are two games out of first place. Last year, on July 31, the Sox were 46-58, 13 games back, in last place...
  7. dhappy42

    Is obesity a disability?

    Can the Sox put Sandoval on the 60-day DL until he loses 20 pounds?
  8. dhappy42

    Boston and Bust!

    Read an article about Carl Crawford commiserating with Sandoval... as if the problem is with Boston and the Boston media instead of players shitting the bed in their first free-agent year with the Red Sox. I'll...
  9. dhappy42

    Infinite trade speculation

    With Rodriguez and Smith on the DL opening day, will/should Dombrowski trade for pitching or is the team "all set" for now?
  10. dhappy42

    Potential Amendola suspension?

    The volume of buzz calling for Amendola to be suspended for the (perfectly legal) block of Jamell Fleming during the second quarter punt return is getting louder. Nitwits are comparing the hit to Burfict...
  11. dhappy42

    Price not the first

    Herald's Scott Lauber notes today that the Sox [edit:] liked the fact that A-Rod had an opt out in the 2003 offer that fell apart, suggesting that the club saw some upside to giving Rodriguez the chance to opt-out at age 32. "Even as the Red Sox endeavored to acquire Alex Rodriguez from Texas...
  12. dhappy42

    Swihart v. Vazquez: The Value of Framing

    I like them both, but considering the relatively new emphasis on the value of catcher framing and its effect on improving a team's overall pitching, can Blake beat out Christian for the starter's job, assuming Vasquez's post TJ arm is good to go? According to StatCorner's catcher report...
  13. dhappy42

    The Value of Price's Option

    The discussion of the value of the player-option in Price's contract with the Red Sox turned into a food fight in two other threads and one thread was shut down. The purpose of this thread is to rise above that... or to fly below the peas and mashed potatoes being flung in both directions. If...
  14. dhappy42

    The Price of Price v. Lester

    Reading a lot of stories about how the Price overpay is the result of last year's Lester low-ball, so I compared their contracts and salary year-by-year. Lester's contract is usually stated as 6/115, but that omits his $30 million signing bonus and option year. I've included those. The asterisks...
  15. dhappy42

    Not Stanton. The other guy.

    Think comparing Fernandez to Pedro is a bit much, and can't imagine the Marlins accepting Moncada, Devers and Owens for him, but still, an interesting idea. And it makes the Kimbrel trade look a little worse. One of those pieces could have been added to a deal like this one...