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  1. wiffleballhero

    Tom Wilson

    And right now it is looking like an 8 gamer with game one deciding home ice advantage for the other seven.
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    5/4 - Hallelujah

    That sucks
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    5/4 - Hallelujah

    Hall time.
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    5/4 - Hallelujah

    I'm not confident in Halak anymore.
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    Tom Wilson

    I find it remarkable that Wilson makes it through whole shifts without getting slew-footed over and over again. He deserves whatever cheap shots he gets and whatever harm comes his way. Some of what he has done over the years has been so bad it is amazing he has not caused worse injuries, and...
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    Favorite Patriots Newcomer (Draft Picks Included)

    Since it broke, I've been thrilled by Brown coming back. He is just such a huge force on the line and helps make everyone else seem better. There are not replacements for that kind of size. Running a rookie quarterback out there seems a little less crazy with Brown in front of him.
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    5/3 - Standing in the Hall of Fame

    and buffalo iced it!
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    5/3 - Standing in the Hall of Fame

    great shot from outside the dot. Tough angle.
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    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    You're all tough graders. I'm going to be an optimist and give it an A+. Why not? Part of the problem with a draft is that other teams get to pick too. I don't know, it seems to me that it is a near miracle that the Pats made it out of this draft with potentially a QB for the next decade who...
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    4/29 - Dance Hall Days

    I just rewatched the Krejci goal a couple times on super slowmo on youtube and it is amazing how he is almost leaned into a shot by the drag around the defender -- and he has a good look -- but he just holds the puck deep under him for just a split second and then it sells the goalie to his...
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    Pats Draft Rd.1/15: QB Mac McCorkle Jones

    It is over thinking it to second guess this pick. Dude fell to 15 and is the best available option in the single biggest weakness the Pats currently have. This is an absolute gift at 15. Let's go!
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    Pats QB Options

    Lock the thread!
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    Time to end the shift?

    For a generation now this has been the right take. Drop the mound to 3 inches. Give the ball a deadening cushion that does not have much of a perceivable feel to it, but impacts bombs. Put the fences back in lots of the parks so it incentivizes things other than homers and creates the...
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    4/22 vs Mariners

    I'll admit it: I have almost no idea who most of these guys are on the Mariners.
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    Brian Scalabrine is Better at Basketball Than You
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    Nominations for best Boston area Play by Play and Color Commentators ALL TIME

    Joe Castiglione It has been almost 40 years of Joe. He is permanently engrained as part of the sound and rhythm of summer. That is not nothing. Brickley on hockey is really good.
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    4/13- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Neither snow nor rain...

    So it is actively snowing? wow (just turned it on)