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  1. SoxFanInPdx

    MacBook showing crossed-out circle on startup

    Late 2011 MBP. Started it up this afternoon and the crossed out circle showed up. I ran the internet recovery and couldn't access the main hard drive. So, this defeats the purpose of using my backup from an external drive as well. Tried, but no luck. Anyone else experience this issue? Possible...
  2. SoxFanInPdx

    2014 Rams: Fearsome Foursome 2.0?

    So, I was gonna see if SFiC would start this off, but I decided to be assertive and get the ball rolling on this.   The Rams head into this upcoming draft with 2 picks(the #2 pick from the Skins'/RGIII) in the Top 13, but also giving them in total - 12 selections in this draft.   Do the Rams...