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  1. SouthernBoSox

    Red Sox trade (P) Springs and Mazza to TB Rays for (C) Hernandez

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    Hector Velazquez Starts Tonight...wait who?

    Intrigued to see Hector Velazquez. He has a very impressive breakout year last year and has followed that success into AAA. The story involves adding a splitter to his mix. His K rate has spiked big time and even more impressively he knows how to fill up the zone. I expect him to come up and...
  3. SouthernBoSox

    Tonight's Game Starts at 6:10 ET PM

    There are some weird starting times today and tomorrow. This is your friendly reminder that tonight's game has a 6:10 starting time and tomorrow's game starts at 4:05.   Don't miss a pitch.   You're welcome.
  4. SouthernBoSox

    Dusting Pedroia vs. Robinson Cano

    I would like to bump this and talk briefly about just how amazing of a deal this was considering Cano just signed a 10 yar 240M deal. What an absolute steal. Great job by the front office.