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  1. Reardons Beard

    Best Tablet for Reading and Light Computing

    I have a major project that's just been dropped on my lap (a good thing) and am going to have to read a lot in the coming weeks. Most files will be PDF or digital and as I'll be in the field without printers or any hard copies I want to have a better tablet. Is the iPad Pro the name of the game...
  2. Reardons Beard

    The Lines

    Given the number of injuries sustained over the regular season, the ongoing development of younger players, and other transactions it's safe to say the lines of opening night may not be the lines in April or even November. This thread is to talk about the various line combinations for the Bruins...
  3. Reardons Beard

    Kevin Love News and Rumors

    Minnesota is going to begin actively shopping Kevin Love, and there are few teams with the kind of assets that Boston could offer. What say you?     via James Dolan and Dan Gilbert meddling is hazard to Knicks and Cavs' health - NY Daily News.   Then Yahoo Sports followed up with this Saturday...
  4. Reardons Beard

    The Andre Johnson Watch: Will Skip Minicamp

        Do with this what you will.
  5. Reardons Beard

    Injuries, Preparation, and Regulation in the Modern NFL

    It's been written ad nauseam how well Bill Belichick adapted to injury challenges this season. Maximizing the production of rookies, non-drafted free agents, and journeyman players - quite a job indeed, yet one of the most overlooked contributions is his knowledge of history and what underlying...