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  1. Earthbound64

    Andrelton Simmons to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

    Wonder if it includes Andrelton Simmons of the Twins. View:
  2. Earthbound64

    Red Sox and Devers avoid arbitration EDIT: Whoever edited the title - I mean, if you just want to copy the article's title, sure.
  3. Earthbound64

    Red Sox greatest Stolen Base

    There's certainly room for debate on this, right?... ...Right?... No, just kidding. Greatest Stolen Base not by Dave Roberts.
  4. Earthbound64

    RIP Pumpsie Green
  5. Earthbound64

    Red Sox Silver Sluggers: Betts, Martinez, Martinez

    Boston Red Sox' J.D. Martinez is first player ever to win two Silver Sluggers in same year; Mookie Betts also wins J.D. first to win 2 Silver Sluggers in same year