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  1. steveluck7

    Pats terminate Edelman's contract

    Per Rapsheet The #Patriots have terminated the contract of WR Julian Edelman, per the wire. He’s listed as a failed physical. Tough (seeming) end to his Patriots career. Thanks for everything Julian! edit: Look like RO beat me by seconds... merge away!
  2. steveluck7

    DT Lawrence Guy Returning to Pats

    Posted in the defense thread but new threads are good, right? Reiss reporting the Pats and Lawrence Guy are finalizing a 4 year deal
  3. steveluck7

    Iphone contacts

    My phone updated last night to iOS 14.3. This morning, many of my contacts have been seemingly wiped away. There doesn't really seem to be any rhyme or reason for the ones left over. Has this happened to anyone before? I looked online for solutions. Their 2 best were to re-start the phone...
  4. steveluck7

    2020 Pats: Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    We have a thread devoted to 2020 QB talk. I wanted to start this one to talk about the rest of the roster for this year and in next few years. If it's best to all be merged into a mega-thread, that's fine but i went with the SOSH mantra "New threads are good" What does Brady's decision to to...
  5. steveluck7

    Price to the DL

    With a TFCC cyst in his wrist - Per Pet Abe
  6. steveluck7

    Bradley to the DL

    Per Pete Abe: Bradley to DL w/ sprained thumb. Marrero recalled Ian Browne speculates that it'll be Benni to CF with Young and Holt splitting time in left