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  1. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: 2007 Team Signed World Series Bat

    I gave away most of my old WS stuff to friends, but I am willing to put up this World Series bat signed by the team if we can get $10k for it. I don't have much stuff like this left, but I'll do what it takes here if we can make a big splash. Minimum Bid: $15,000
  2. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Delcarmen Mitt (Game Used)

    I have an old glove that is game used. I thought I had more stuff, but gave lots of stuff to friends lol. But I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find anything. Until then, game used glove. Bidding starts at $125 (We saw one of my game worn jerseys online for that, so we will start there.)
  3. Hyde's Pryde

    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Baseball

    Hi everyone. I am auctioning off an autographed baseball. Nothing special, but I'm told it's traditional, and that makes sense. I can autograph other stuff too, as long as you get it to me. But I don't know what you people might want, so let me know and until then, you can bid on the ball...