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  1. oumbi

    April 29, 2021 CE Sox will play AND beat someone...

    No game thread yet? I will be bold and start one. The wondrous Boston Red Sox will be playing and stomping the snot out of the evil and stinky Texas Rangers. The Rangers deserve to be beaten.
  2. oumbi

    April 27, 2021 CE someone is playing the Sox...

    No game thread yet? I will be bold and start one. The Sox play the Mets and will proceed to stomp the snot out of them. Richards is starting for the Red Sox, so I expect a high scoring game.
  3. oumbi

    Vazquez and Nunez?

    This may be the thread you were looking for:
  4. oumbi

    Korean baseball player, she is 13 years old....

    I am sure exactly where this thread should be located, so mods, please feel free to move it elsewhere. Here is an interesting video of a female Korean baseball player who is 13 years old (14 y.o. in Korean age) and both pitches and bats. She plays on a boys team. Her goal is to make it to the...
  5. oumbi

    Bill Russell OK after Collapse

    I just saw this on Celticsblog.   Christopher Martin @cmartin4534 Prayers for Bill Russell, he just collapsed on stage while speaking to our company. #shocked