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  1. Lowrielicious

    Mookie the pilot What could possibly go wrong.
  2. Lowrielicious

    Is Trout HOF worthy right now?

    5 full years in the majors. Depending how the vote goes this year finished top 2 in MVP in each of those years (arguably should have been MVP in all 5). 47.7 career WAR at age 25. Is that enough to get in to the HOF if his career were to end today*? The nature of his career ending would likely...
  3. Lowrielicious

    Old man yells at price of baseball tickets

    Pet peeve of mine when well paid sportspersons earnings are compared to "average earnings". MLB is rolling in cash. The average american household contributes a significant amount to MLBs earnings to pay to watch the product on the field. Should all that money go to the millionaire execs and...