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  1. JBJ_HOF

    Casas is in Boston due to medical issue

  2. JBJ_HOF

    Speier: By resetting the tax this year the Henry could save 100m over the next 3 years

    Incredible breakdown by Alex Speier, this is much more than John Henry not wanting to pay the ten million or so in CBT taxes everyone seems to think it is. Expect the Sox to get under 208m this year, spend to 240m in 2020 and 2021, and then drop down again in 2023, pending the new CBA...
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    Speier: Disagreements led to pitching coach change
  4. JBJ_HOF

    Brian MacPherson leaving the Projo

    He's going to work in a corporate communications job starting after the All Star Break. 16 min mark of podcast
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    Pomeranz is healthy and pitching for now

    He was throwing high 80-s fastballs, poor curveballs, issued 3 walks and a homer over 47 pitches. So he showed no sign of injury before being removed.
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    Henry says part of the reason they traded prospects is because of their future contracts

    From Tim Britton. Would have stunk getting to December 2023 and have had trouble singing Moncada, best deal with that now.