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  1. BrotherMouzone

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    My wife is a pharmacist who has been giving COVID vaccines (both brands) since January to allow crazy people like you to spew nonsense on a message board. So yeah, she follows this stuff too. And all too often she has to deal with this type of shit. So kindly go fuck yourself.
  2. BrotherMouzone

    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    But don't you think the vast majority of infections disease doctors outweigh your personal example? Not for nothing but you sound like a deranged lunatic. No offense.
  3. BrotherMouzone

    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    I honestly don't know if you could be more off in an evaluation. Appreciate him not holding back though.
  4. BrotherMouzone

    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    On behalf of all of us, thank you for your service.
  5. BrotherMouzone

    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Man, how did Curran get such a sought-after guest?? View:
  6. BrotherMouzone

    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Also, after years of columns and expert opinion that Belichick and the Pats were stifling Brady (and Gisele couldn't wait to get out of town), now all of a sudden Tom was begging to come back? Used to really enjoy Curran's analysis, but I don't know if it was a more prominent role at NBC Sports...
  7. BrotherMouzone

    Gone Brady Gone

    Bedard fucking sucks, it's head-to-head with him and Volin on the Patriots writers I respect the least. A smarmy, know-it-all asshole that couldn't hold a candle to Reiss or Howe.
  8. BrotherMouzone

    Greg Bedard's - Boston Sports Journal

    Bedard fucking sucks. He sucks on the radio. He's extremely thin-skinned. He's a smug know-it-all without having anything to back it up.
  9. BrotherMouzone

    2019 Pats: In-Season Roster & Injury Discussion

    Unacceptable? They both got hurt. It happens.
  10. BrotherMouzone

    2019 AB Watch: On-Field Performance & Strategy Posts Only

    There may be no bigger fraud in the Boston sports media than Greg Bedard. Just a pompous, pompous ass. Why someone would pay for his site when The Athletic is a much better value (with much better local coverage) is beyond me.
  11. BrotherMouzone

    Hayward's Injury

    It's a freak play. There's no one to blame. Players make those cuts and jumps all game. This one just went horribly wrong.
  12. BrotherMouzone

    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    Stevens has had a major impact on IT, Crowder, Turner, etc. Hell, he made Jordan Crawford look like an average NBA player? Why couldn't Irving take another step forward?
  13. BrotherMouzone

    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    Irving is a proven superstar at 25. You keep Tatum and Brown. You still have a potential top 5 pick. Do I wish the Brooklyn pick wasn't included? Of course, but that's the ultimate unknown. Ainge's track record with these trades is extremely strong. Once again, I'm putting my faith in him 100%.
  14. BrotherMouzone

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    Bumping this for the new season. I'm going to be in Milan in early September, and Inter will be playing that weekend. Their opponent is SPAL, which isn't a marquee match to say the least. Has anyone been to San Siro? Doing some online searching, it looks like I can wait until I get to Milan and...
  15. BrotherMouzone

    Celtics Summer League

    Jesus fucking Christ. You want a guy who was second team All-Rookie who played significant minutes for an Eastern Conference finalist to play half a season in the D-League because he needs to work on "running an offense and being a primary creator?" It is crazy. The kid is 20 and has already...
  16. BrotherMouzone

    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    Man there are some fucking babies in this thread. Christ. Ainge's track record has given him the right to gamble like this. If he's this confident to make such a big move, sign me up. I love having a GM with the balls to not do everything safe.
  17. BrotherMouzone

    2017 US Open- Erin Hills

    She's speaking at the commencement. If it was me and my kid was speaking at a graduation, I sure as hell wouldn't miss it for a work-related thing, despite what someone on a message board tells me what I should do.
  18. BrotherMouzone

    I want to go to a match in Europe

    I'll be in Amsterdam in May and got a ticket package to an Ajax match. Anyone ever seen them play? Any advice for stuff to do around the stadium?