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  1. mikeysox

    Spring Training 2021

    according to the folks at Driveline, throwing on the mound is actually slightly less taxing on the arm, assuming both are at Max effort. I believe, however, it is easier to throw at less than max on flat ground. Or, put another way, it’s harder to go less than full speed on the mound. So if a...
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    Mitchell and Gobert on the rocks?

    This pic is so wonderfully youth baseball, from the kid in the background, to the ump who is barely paying attention, to the ragedyy mound, to the look on Mitchell's face. Love it! Makes me even sadder about not being at one of my son's baseball games today...
  3. mikeysox

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Very cool, thanks for posting.
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    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    seriously. Although early next month is next week.
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    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    For sure. Honestly, they should just allow some kind of tech based solution so the catcher and pitcher can communicate without worrying about being intercepted. Like the helmet speakers QBs use.
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    Pedro on the '99 ALDS: 'I've never been in more pain'

    Easily one of my favorite games of all time. Watched it at the Baseball Tavern just around the corner from Fenway (RIP). Good lord I loved Pedro so much.
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    Mookie BBetts - 2019 Campaign

    Same. Mookie is exactly the kind of player a rich team like the Sox should pay market rate for. Players of his quality come around very rarely. Will the last couple years of such a contract be ugly? Probably. Could he see drastic decline due to injury? It's possible. Still worth it, in my opinion.
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    Super Benintendi

    My recollection is that Greenwell hurt his back and that really cost him his power. Wasn't the same true for Mattingly, although later in his career?
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    NY roster 2019

    I really wish Tampa played in a different division 'cause it would be fun to root for them. Maybe they could swap with the White Sox.
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    The Uniform

    I agree about the red tops but, much to my surprise, I have come to like the navy tops. I do wish they would go back to the old socks though - the stripes are awesome.
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    2019 Spring Training News

    Seems like a good deal for the Cards. Not a steal but a good deal.
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    THAT Parent

  13. mikeysox

    Peter Gammons on the Red Sox hitting philosophy

    Gammons may not have bothered to actually say it, but my recollection from similar pieces about J.D. and his hitting coaches (and the "launch angle revolution" generally) is that they explicitly use the same basic principals Williams preached. I read "The Science of Hitting" last year. It was...
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    Let's Make The Evil Empire Evil Again: NYY's Pursuit Of Manny Machado

    Machado reminds me of the kind of kid I always had a soft spot for when I worked with at risk youths. The fact that he has some awareness of his shortcomings and can talk about them but still keeps messing up is fascinating to me. Not unlike Manny Ramirez, who, despite his multiple fuck ups is...
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    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    Being born in '73, I have to say I feel exactly the same way. Nothing will compare to winning in 2004, but I think I actually love this team more. I wish I had a spare kid lying around so I could name him Nathan.
  16. mikeysox

    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    I wonder if his arm slot is lower. Pitchers sometimes do that as they age (Pedro, Jake Peavey) to try to get more whip/velo. It seems like he misses now because he gets crazy run arm side or when he totally yanks it glove side. It might also make his fast ball flatter and thus easier to hit.
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    ALDS vs. MFY—Buckle Up

    I agree that it was a risky situation. But, Re 2, watching the replay, I don't think the runner on 2nd (Hechavarria?) tries to score if Pearce catches the throw but Torres is safe. Or if he does, I think Pearce has a very good play on him at home. So, I would say the result of 2 is bases loaded...
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    How Deep Into October Do the Sox Have to Go For You to Consider '18 to Have Been a Success?

    The great thing about 2004 is that I now enjoy the team in a non-psychotic way (2007 and 2013 helped). I am going to be aggravated if they lose without making it to the series; bummed if they make it to the series but lose. But no matter what, I am going to be happy with the season. 108 wins...
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    Great Baseball Nicknames

    What about Joe Adams?