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  1. Turrable

    Odell Beckham Jr.

    Splitting this out from the gamethread because I think the coolest/apparently most controversial athlete of my generation deserves his own thread. I'll preface this by saying I watched way more Giants football than I ever could have wanted to this year and I have a huge mancrush on the guy. I...
  2. Turrable

    Where to Watch - D.C.

    I don't want to clutter the Boston thread so I guess we should have our own? I'm completely clueless, and also underage, but I'd love to do it right this year and see some games with the right atmosphere.   The USA-England viewing at Dupont Circle four years ago was fun, albeit hot as hell, and...
  3. Turrable

    Champions League Final Gamethread -- Lo siento, Barca

        Kickoff at 2:45 on FOX proper. Hope you like Gus Johnson.
  4. Turrable

    All-Star Weekend Gamethread

    There's a dunk contest later, and Kendrick Lamar and...that's about it
  5. Turrable

    FIFA 14

    No point bumping the old thread might as well start the new one (I assume we're still keeping this here and not the game forum but that's up to Zomp), anyone play the demo yet? Supposedly pace is nerfed considerably, which sounds nice. Other than that reviews seem mixed and they're probably...