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  1. Dduncan6er

    4/16 - It's "Hall" good, man

    It’s so nice seeing Krejci with 2 competent wingers. Feels like he hasn’t had that in a while.
  2. Dduncan6er

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    I’ll bet they make the 2nd year a team option so his salary can be used in the offseason.
  3. Dduncan6er

    4/15- 1:10 PM ET @ MIN: Four wins in 72 hours

    I took it as he was sure he got the call right and there's no way any of the other umps had a better view to be able to overturn the call.
  4. Dduncan6er

    4/15- 1:10 PM ET @ MIN: Four wins in 72 hours

    If he says that to the manager I'd imagine the other umps are put in a tough spot if they do think it was the wrong call.
  5. Dduncan6er

    2021 Masters Week

    I think there's only 6 automatic qualifiers with the new rules. So 6 automatics and 6 captain picks. I think the 8 highlighted guys are locks and Finau is close to a lock. So we'll say 9 spots spoken for at the moment. If Zalatoris continues his current play you can certainly make a case for him...
  6. Dduncan6er

    Taylor Hall for 2nd Rd Pick to the Bruins

    I can't believe he's only scored over 30 goals once in his career. I never would have guess that.
  7. Dduncan6er

    4/7- 1:10 PM ET vs TB: We're Playing on YouTube? We Most Definitely Are.

    Good thing Glasnow stopped looking at the camera in right. He would have been drilled by that foul ball.
  8. Dduncan6er

    2021 Trade Deadline

    It would be nice if they weren't looking for a top 6 winger every single trade deadline it seems.
  9. Dduncan6er

    4/5- 7:10 PM ET vs TB: The Appointed Hour

    That was the small ball I wasn’t sure if this team was capable of.
  10. Dduncan6er

    Jets: Ride Saleh Ride

    Carolina pretty much has to pick up that 5th year option now right?
  11. Dduncan6er

    Pats Roster Planning: Defense

    I believe weight concerns were a reason for Onwenu falling to the 6th last year. I don't remember hearing any issues about him in regards to weight after he was drafted, so maybe the team has a good diet and workout regiment for guys like that. Obviously it's dependent upon the player buying in...
  12. Dduncan6er

    Can Yankees win it all with Gleyber at shortstop?

    This would make me a bit nervous if I was a Yankees fan. Not too many warm October nights in NY.
  13. Dduncan6er

    UFC 2020

    Diaz has to be the most overrated fighter in the UFC, right up there with Masvidal. The guy is still living off that win over Conor from 5 years ago. It was impressive no doubt but it was a short notice fight at Welterweight when Conor had just been fighting at Featherweight a couple months...
  14. Dduncan6er

    03/28 The Devils come up to Boston

    Probably the right call on the no goal here but damn they got fucked on that goaltender interference call.
  15. Dduncan6er

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    Smart and PP will handle PG duties when Kemba has to sit. You can also have Tatum, Jaylen, or Fournier bring the ball up in a pinch as well.
  16. Dduncan6er

    Daniel Theis to Chicago for Mo Wagner

    This trade also makes the Celtics pretty appealing to big men on the buyout market looking to increase their value.
  17. Dduncan6er

    Fournier to Celtics for 2 second round picks

    Realistically who were people expecting to be available this off season that the Celtics could use the TPE on? It seems some were just expecting a disgruntled star to drop out of the sky and right into Danny's arms.
  18. Dduncan6er

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    I don't know why it took them 6 weeks of benching him to realize there was no trade market for him and he'd need to be bought out.
  19. Dduncan6er

    NBA Trade Deadline - Buyout Season Thread

    Lou going back to Atlanta for those Magic City lemon pepper wings.