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  1. TomTerrific

    How Did They Do This?

    I’m traveling right now, otherwise I’d ask some smart guy at my home organization, but I just had a vaguely disturbing experience and I’m trying to figure out how disturbed, or not, I should be In brief, I just received a phone call from a number consisting of the 508 area code (my home area...
  2. TomTerrific

    Artificial Unintelligence

    Has anyone read the new book by this title by Meredith Broussard? I'll be honest, and admit that I haven't, but I'm curious if anyone else has. I heard her on the Slate Money podcast, where she talked briefly about the unlikelihood and undesireability of purely automatic driving technology...
  3. TomTerrific

    Where to watch game 7 in Sydney

    Our boat is docking early Thursday morning and we are keen to watch the Bruins. Problem is, I have no idea where I could hope to watch them at 10am Sydney time. Any ideas?
  4. TomTerrific

    LGBT: No, You're The F*&%!#@g Greatest!

    Mildly surprised no one has mentioned this Giardi tweet "Can confirm there is an offer on the table for Blount from the Patriots. They would like a return. He would like a return. $$ matters"--Mike Giardi Let's face it, LGBT is not long for this league. But he did step up early in the year...
  5. TomTerrific

    SOSH iOS App: Memory Hog

    I have been inflicted with an iPhone 6 with only 16 GB for the next two months, and am now constantly trying to stay within memory limits. I've dumped everything I can to iCloud, stored and cleaned out my messages, and even done the "try to download a big movie rental you know your phone can't...
  6. TomTerrific

    Mets Spoil Royals Celebration

    Article this morning about how the Mets mere presence at the Royals WS celebration just prior to their opening game made it very "awkward". Jeebus, anyone remember 2005, and the mere suggestion from the Red Sox that they would postpone their ring celebration to something later than opening day...
  7. TomTerrific

    Tie-breaking Procedures

    I was idly pondering the tie-breaking procedures should some combination of the Pats, Cincy, and Denver finish the regular season tied. To review, here are the two and three-team procedures Two Clubs Head-to-head, if applicable. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the...
  8. TomTerrific

    Chris Gasper--Heading Down Shaughnessy Road

    On the front page of the Sunday Globe sports section is Chris Gasper's column entitled "What's the point, NFL?".   Gasper makes most of his points in the following passage:   "The assault on the extra point is the most unnecessary, superfluous sports rule change in recent memory. There was no...
  9. TomTerrific

    Patriots Promote LB Darius Fleming From Practice Squad

    Andy Hart from PFW was high on this guy early in the season before he was sent down to the PS. Looks like he's getting another chance.        
  10. TomTerrific

    Parking for Tonight's Pats Game?

    My wife's boss has other plans, so I just inherited his two tickets to tonight's game. Last Pats game I went to was in 2007 (took my son to the Pats-Eagles game, where he nearly got us killed by wearing his Eagles stuff when the crowd realized the Pats might lose...). I can't even remember...