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  1. gmogmo

    ESPN/NFL attempting to get college football to change playoff dates

    Thought this was an interesting topic, personally I like the idea of moving this years game to Saturday the 2nd from NY Eve.  Also like the idea of not having the final on a Monday (but hate the idea of an NFL wild card game on a Monday).  Interesting to see what happens, probably nothing.  ...
  2. gmogmo

    UMass hoops 2013-14 - Tourney or Bust

    Solid win over a decent BC squad yesterday led to the 1st vote in a top 25 poll in recent memory:   Win tomorrow in 11AM home game vs LSU, and that's a great start to the season with two signature wins leading in to a solid...
  3. gmogmo

    Chad Finn: Underrated

    Not sure if I'm alone in feeling this way, but feel like he's the best writer at the Globe/ at this point.  Recently started doing a Sunday notes column (only available on, not in Sunday globe which is absurd) which I think has been fantastic.  (link below)  With Bob Ryan...