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    D(anny)-Day : Predict the outcome of today's trade deadline

    Lots of possible potential outcomes for today. What does Danny accomplish today, if anything? You can select multiple responses.
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    Which Pats WR Will Lead in Yards Next Season?

    Who do you think leads the team in receiving this year and why? You can account for injuries or expected injuries (i.e., Henry tends to miss a couple games / year).
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    Predicting the Future: How Many SBs Does Mahomes Win?

    Patrick Mahomes is just 25 and has lost in AFCCG, won a SB, and lost in SB in his first 3 years as a starter along with other other-worldly regular season stats. His monster contract begins next year, which impacts the ability of the Chiefs to surround him with the same talent he enjoyed from...
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    Super Bowl LV: What is Your Current Rooting Interest?

    Tampa vs. KC. GOAT vs. Potential GOAT-in-Training. Good vs. Tyreek Hill. Fat, stupid coach vs. Fat, smart coach. would you describe your rooting interest? The poll choices won't be perfect but hopefully most people fit into one of these buckets.
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    What SB do you want to see and why?

    Lots of good options and potential storylines. So, what matchup do you want to see and why?
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    1/17 - Knicks @ Celtics

    I don’t like losing. So, let’s keep this going.
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    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics

    I don't like losing. So, let's keep it going, COVID-depleted C's.
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    1/10 - Heat @ Celtics

    I don’t like losing. So we won’t.
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    1/8 - Wizards @ Celtics

    I don’t like losing. Let’s win another.
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    1/4 - Celtics @ Raptors

    I don't like losing. Let's try winning another one.
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    1/3 - Celtics @ Pistons

    I don’t like losing. Let’s try winning this time.
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    Jayson Greatum: Ranking Our Binky

    Splitting out from the Nets thread. Curious to see where everyone ranks Tatum right now as a complete player. Feel free to use whatever criteria you deem relevant.
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    2020 Pats: NE Trade Deadline Thread

    After today’s debacle, you can’t help but wonder if the Pats will quietly look to deal some vets. I doubt they’re ready to throw in the towel just yet but a loss to Buffalo and the playoff race is effectively done. So, who could potentially be moved? Gilmore: 30 years-old and under team control...
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    Not One...Not Two...Not Three...: LeBron Ring Discussion

    LeBron just got his 4th ring. Turns 36 in December but has a young AD to carry the load for several years. Will continue to be a FA destination for ring chasers over next few years. So, how many rings does LeBron end up with before he calls it quits? I say he gets to 5 but can’t match MJ’s 6th.
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    2021 Draft: Tank for Trevor - #1 Pick Discussion Thread

    Current standings (order determined by SOS if there is tie): 1. Giants 0-5 2. Falcons 0-5 3. Jets 0-5 4. Redskins 1-4 5. Jaguars 1-4 6. Dolphins 1-4 (from Texans - lol BoB) 7. Chargers 1-3 8. Lions 1-3 9. Broncos 1-3 10. Vikings 1-3 The Giants and Jets have young QBs but neither is looking...
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    2020 Pats: Do the Patriots Make the Playoffs?

    Ok, time to get on the record. The Patriots are currently 2-2, 2 games behind 4-0 Buffalo with both games still to be played and have acquitted themselves pretty well so far. They are currently in 8th place in the AFC but only 1 game behind the last wild card spot. Here is the remaining...
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    Choose Your Own Adventure: Celtics 2020 Offseason

    Purpose of this thread is pretty simple. The Celtics have 2 young foundational stars in Tatum and Jaylen who are here for the long haul. They have another "glue" guy in Smart who is unlikely to be dealt. After that, you have a bunch of guys who all have varying levels of value and contract...
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    ECF: Predict the finish

    Down 3-1 and on the ropes. 3 disheartening losses. How does this story end?
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    Celtics Predictions

    The playoffs are almost upon us and the team looks pretty ready. How will this crazy season end for the Celtics?
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    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    Simple thread. Predict how this story ends now that playoff seeding has been finalized.