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  1. Bunt4aTriple

    Apple Watch with a cracked screen: repair or sell?

    My wife dropped her apple watch on the tile floor and it cracked. It's a series 4 cellular. If you can find one in stock, it retails for around $450. Apple charges $350 to replace the screen. I called an independent shop and they said Apple is likely the cheapest option. For $350, I'd...
  2. Bunt4aTriple

    Subscription-free DVR

    I'm looking for a dvr for my parents for Christmas. I'm having trouble googling for their needs: -Directv -2 tvs -Their dsl is ok; they stream alright but wifi can be spotty. My old man is looking into a Google nest to help -Wouldn't be opposed to 2 units, even if they couldn't talk to each...
  3. Bunt4aTriple

    Isaiah Thomas' sister killed in car crash Single car, no seat belt. Awful.
  4. Bunt4aTriple

    Where's the Reference Desk?

    I recently rented a vacation home from a gentlemen in The Bahamas. Included in the rental was a bright purple golf cart with the Rockies logo on the front. On the day we left, I sent him a picture of the cart with our Sox caps covering the logo and he responded: Ha! My dad played for the Red...
  5. Bunt4aTriple

    Patriots Pre/Post Game - 98.5

    In what world is Stearns, DeOssie and Smerlas the better of two options?  The 98.5 pre and post game shows are completely unlistenable, and, shockingly, it has nothing to do with Gresh.  Tanguay has taken a page from the Felger/Mazz book and shits on the team at every opportunity.  Each opponent...