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  1. redsahx

    Happy Pedro Day!

    Today marks the 15th anniversary of the greatest game ever pitched. Boy does time fly.
  2. redsahx

    NBA about to implement anti-tanking measure?

    (This almost belongs in the 76ers discussion thread, as the team is apparently fighting to delay this proposal. However, it also applies to the Celtics and the league as a whole so I've started it separately) According to ESPN the NBA is looking to overhaul the draft lottery system, and the...
  3. redsahx

    PC Hoops 2012-2013

    Browsed the ESPNU recruiting rankings yesterday after signing day, and PC is currently ranked #6 overall, just ahead of UNC, Indiana and Kansas. Apparently Bryce Cotton is going to stay after all and not follow Coleman and Dixon out the door. Still keeping my fingers crossed, but I just can't...