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  1. Red Averages

    4/19 vs. CHI

    How much would be raised if BB agreed to color commentate a Pats game with McDaniels coaching?
  2. Red Averages

    4/19 vs. CHI

  3. Red Averages

    4/19 vs. CHI

    Jaylen with the wide open 3 entirely because PP aggressively drove the paint to create the opportunity.
  4. Red Averages

    4/19 vs. CHI

    Only 3 foul shots!
  5. Red Averages

    4/19 vs. CHI

    Very cool to have the GM be color commentator. Do other teams get that experience? a shame Marcus won’t be taking horrific 3s to hear the commentary!
  6. Red Averages

    Rangers allowed to have full capacity crowd with “ voluntary compliance” of masks requirement

    Has anyone seen the implications of the full stadium yet? Would be curious as a test case for re-opening if there were any lessons learned.
  7. Red Averages

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    Greta job by Bergy to slow himself up to create the pass and shot lane
  8. Red Averages

    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    This team looks dialed in
  9. Red Averages

    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    You must not read the game threads!
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    4/9 vs. MIN

    Pretty shocking how bad this team is at closing. You could excuse it a year or two ago when the stars were younger, but this is pretty pathetic. Allly hoops that hit the rim, step back 3s for Marcus. C’mon...
  11. Red Averages

    4/9 vs. MIN

    That’s bails out the brick after the pull up 3
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    The Truth Is Out There.

    Heavens, can we please escort this man to prison for a few years to teach him a proper lesson? Clearly a suspension will not suffice for this type of behavior. He must be fired! No wait, that’s not enough. My God, what’s next - murder?! In reality obviously very dumb to live stream the...
  13. Red Averages

    NBA Top Shot

    I'm in for about 1.5mm OMI now. Room to add on my end over the next week or two. The more I read on the potential, whether it's the FOMO behind an NFL type TopShots, potential to get listed on more accessible exchanges, or the longer term fundamentals, the more I think this is a decent lotto...
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    Pats Re-sign C David Andrews

    For context, Ted Karras signed a 1 yr, 4mm deal.
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    Dave Dameshek Says Brad Stevens is leaving for IU Basketball Job?

    Brad Stevens, who signed a contract extension (checks notes) 7 months ago, for $22mm, will be leaving the Celtics mid-season to join the (checks notes) 7-12 Indiana Hoosiers, who are done playing basketball until Q4, leaving one of the best young cores in the NBA to rebuild a college team...
  16. Red Averages

    Pats Sign LB Matt Judon

    Fantastic. Always been fun to watch Judon play.
  17. Red Averages

    NBA Top Shot

    Sorry if I missed it, what is the fundamental link between the coins value and the transactions on the Veve marketplace? What makes the coin appreciate, is it demand because it is used in transactions?
  18. Red Averages

    Preparations for the Summer Olympics

    Maybe worth updating the thread title? I still think the symbolic gesture of holding the Olympics this summer will go a long way towards bringing back some global unity as we move beyond COVID this summer for most developed nations...