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  1. Hank Scorpio

    Andrelton Simmons to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

    If Simmons plays another 2118 consecutive games, he could, at age 45, spread the virus to all the children in the front row of the stands sometime in mid-April 2034.
  2. Hank Scorpio

    Andrelton Simmons to refuse COVID-19 vaccine

    Does say "due to past experience" - could be he has some sort of reaction or fear of anaphylaxis. Vasovagal syncope - which some may chalk up to being "weak"? I'm fine getting shots, as in vaccines. But I struggle having blood drawn, to the point that I pass out. Some people have it with ANY...
  3. Hank Scorpio

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    I write creatively from time to time, sometimes opinion based, sometimes flash fiction and short stories. I will say, I find it much more fun/interesting to write colorfully about something in a negative light, than in a positive one. I wonder if there is something to that with guys like CHB...
  4. Hank Scorpio

    Red Sox 2021 Season Predictions

    78-84... there are a few pleasant surprises, but also some pretty big disappointments. W: Eduardo Rodriguez Sv: Matt Barnes AVG: Xander Bogaerts HR: Xander Bogaerts SB: Xander Bogaerts and Hunter Renfroe (tie) HBP: Marwin Gonzalez Cora Discipline: For what? No. Time on DL: Nathan Eovaldi...
  5. Hank Scorpio

    Rheal Cormier dead of cancer at 53

    I remember a time when the Indians were one of our primary rivals. One game in particular, I believe Rheal was one the mound and plunked Jim Thome. Thome charged the mound, and Rheal tossed him aside like a sack of potatoes. Maybe my mind is embellishing that story, but I'm sticking with head...
  6. Hank Scorpio

    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    Anyone who expects this team to win in the mid 80s is delusional.
  7. Hank Scorpio

    Benintendi to Royals for Franchy Cordero, Mets RHP prospect Josh Winckowski, and 3 PTBNLs

    As late entries to this trade jump in, the Red Sox will also be sending Fenway Park to Frank McCourt, and cash to local slumlord Spiro Abrunezzi for a Poland Springs water cooler jug filled with heavily oxidized pennies, and a derelict strip mall in Holyoke, MA. Fenway to be bulldozed in favor...
  8. Hank Scorpio

    Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

    Just saw this on Reddit, and found it impressive. “Between Tom Brady's 3rd Superbowl appearance and his 10th, Calvin Johnson has been drafted, retired, and made the Hall of Fame.”
  9. Hank Scorpio

    Guerin Austin and Steve Lyons are not returning to NESN

    Good riddance to Steve Lyons. Did he remind anyone else of Ranch Wilder from Angels in the Outfield?
  10. Hank Scorpio

    Cleveland Indians not changing their name until at least 2022

    A not insignificant number of people would call that cultural appropriation.
  11. Hank Scorpio

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Dan Shaughnessy is what I visualize whenever I encounter a reaction-seeking message board troll. He also looks like Gene Wilder fucked Mitch McConnell, and then their unholy curly-haired offspring spent seven generations inbreeding, a decades long process which ultimately birthed the CHB. But...
  12. Hank Scorpio

    Alex Cora is back as Sox manager

    Wishful thinking, or actual news?
  13. Hank Scorpio

    White Sox hire Tony LaRussa as manager

    This sums it up perfectly. I saw the thread title, and thought it was a joke. What’s next, Tommy Lasorda? This is like if they made Creed III, in which Adonis Creed starts “blinging out”, gets too uppity, and threatens to bust a cap in Spider Rico’s ass - so Rocky Balboa comes out of...
  14. Hank Scorpio

    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    Even if they plan on hiring Cora, and it’s essentially a done deal, how often does a team interview one candidate and then hire them? Not sure the politics in regards to MLB hiring, but I would think teams would at least want the optics of the opportunity being accessible to anyone who may be...
  15. Hank Scorpio

    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    I would think they’d wait a few days, interview him and maybe a couple of others, just to give the appearance of having a process.
  16. Hank Scorpio

    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    Mostly agreed. My primary concern in regards to Cora is that he might not want to take the job right now with the team not looking to be very competitive next year. If all these interviews on the heels of Roenicke’s caretaker term are merely a ruse before handing back the keys to Cora - I’m...
  17. Hank Scorpio

    Down 3-0, 2004 vs. 2020 comp

    I’ve always hated the Devil Rays, and back in the days of Bagwell and Biggio, the Astros were my “other favorite team”. That said, fuck ‘em. I hope the Rays knock them out.
  18. Hank Scorpio

    Say hello to Smiley Ball! the Worcester Red Sox's New mascot!

    Smiley is only half as disappointing as Trey.
  19. Hank Scorpio

    2021 Draft

    Frazier went early - but I was livid when they took Trey Ball over Austin Meadows.