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    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    View: Huh?
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    WInter is Coming- The January window in the age of Covid

    Unless I missed it, no thread a week into the window? Currently being reported that West Ham have sold Sebastien Haller, the only fit striker on the squad list to Ajax for 20M. Badly misused by Moyes, Haller will likely score loads under Ten Hag
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    Week 12

    Leeds and West Ham start it off 6th minute penalty saved, but VAR says that Fabianski was about 5 inches off the line and Leeds score on the re-take.
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    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall He claims his tattoos are "all random" which is.... dubious. He just happened to get a bunch of imagery popular with far right groups including the logo of a loosely assorted...
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    Gameweek 1/29-2/2

    West Ham getting ready to get destroyed by Liverpool. Moyes, without the new signing available has started...... Noble/Rice/Snodgrass with Lanzini in front. Undoubtedly the worst and slowest midfield 4 in the league. WHere is Fornals the best (non-Anderson) midfielder in the squad..... on the...
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    PL Gameweek 1/10-1/12

    Nice Friday Afternoon start with a shorthanded West Ham visiting a shorthanded Sheffield. Spurs/Liverpool on Saturday Biggest implications for the table are likely from Watford/Bournemouth both in the relegation zone, but headed opposite directions recently.
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    FA Cup

    So 3rd round starts today. Started a thread just to post this: View: Love a league 2 guy talking shit about John Stones in the summer, getting the matchup in the FA cup and backing it up with a goal.
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    Return of the Moyes: West Ham 2019/20

    Well time for the annual, Cellar-Door talks to himself West Ham thread. Transfer Window Outs: For Fee: Arnautovic- Off to China Obiang- to Italy Chicharito- Late move to Spain Fernandes- to Germany Perez- To La Liga Oxford- to Germany Byram- to Norwich Total: $60.8M Free Transfers: Adrian...
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    Yabu's last dance

    Waived Bit surprised wonder who they want the roster spot for?
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    USSF- "Technically it's not corruption"

    As I mentioned in the USMNT thread, we should probably have a USSF thread since now we're splitting a lot of stuff about the Federation between the USWNT thread and the USMNT thread.
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    Grant Williams - Pick #22

    Grant Williams Strongest man in the world. But seriously, dude is STRONG, he's gonna be able to play in the post on D
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    12\15-16 game thread

    Fulham may be the worst defending team in Premier League history.
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    Week of 9/30 Game Thread

    West Ham up 2-0 on United. Pellegrini's system seems to be bedding in, good win @Everton, strong draw home for Chelsea, now up on United at home and playing well in all 3. Also the midfield of Pedro Obiang, Mark Noble, often a liability because he has no pace and teenage Declan Rice is...
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    West Ham 2018-19 A whole new team?

    Well, this has been a most unexpected summer. The biggest moves are behind the scenes Manuel Pellegrini takes over as manager. Mario Husillos who Pellegrini worked with at Malaga came in as Sporting director. OUTS: Joe Hart- End of Loan Joao Mario- End of Loan James Collins- Contract allowed...
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    Pats sign Adrian Clayborn

    Clayborn will sign with Patriots according to Schefter
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    Blake Griffin traded to Detroit

    So Woj reported LAC and DET working on a Blake deal, KOC followed up with some details he heard: Blake for Bradley/Harris/Boban and a 1st as the framework. Interesting. Harris is a decent player and his deal actually gets less expensive in the 2nd year, Boban is nothing, a 1st is decent...
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    West Ham: Where playing defense was retired in tribute to Bobby Moore

    Well finally got around to making a thread. Out: Guys who were very bad at playing soccer In: Chicharito who is awesome Arnautovic, an overpriced but pretty decent winger Zabaleta: was good back when he was alive Hart: Shit even by English keeper standards, is gonna lose that job by...
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    Celtics sign Aron Baynes

    With the 4.3M room exception
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    Cap Clearing trade?

    Figured this would get lost in the now mega-thread of Hayward stuff. The Celtics still need a trade or two to get far enough under the cap to sign Hayward. According to cap experts they can go the following ways: A. - Trade Jackson and Rozier for no salary return B. Trade Smart for very little...
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    First weekend of May game thread

    So for a second straight season Tottenham comes into the Olympic stadium in May and West Ham puts a huge dent in their title chances. This wasn't the nail in the coffin (and total collapse) that last season was, but Chelsea are in great shape now.