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  1. Dehere

    Olympics Coronavirus Impact

    Sorry I don’t have a link for this but one issue in delaying the games is that the athletes village has already been sold to private buyers as condos or rental apartments and those people are expecting to move in shortly after the games. I guess with enough money and political muscle you can...
  2. Dehere

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    FWIW I think the FIBA-approved copy that you quote is actually pretty good. It’s significant that they say "The basketball world mourns” rather than “the world mourns” and that they call Kobe “an icon of the game” rather than just “an icon” The next paragraph is simply factual. I could see...
  3. Dehere

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    The question really is whether nine confirmed dead suggests that more of the passengers were minors than what has already been reported. You obviously have seen way more helicopters than I have and maybe it implies nothing at all.
  4. Dehere

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Has anyone here ever been on a helicopter that could seat more than six adult passengers? I haven’t but my experience is admittedly limited.
  5. Dehere

    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    FWIW it is densely foggy today here in the valley and was all last night into this morning. It was the first thing I noticed when I got up today, that you couldn’t see a thing. The nearest major road to the crash site is Las Virgennes. To me it’s the most picturesque road in So Cal. It’s also...
  6. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    If ESPN booked bets based on their win probability stats Disney would be bankrupt in one year.
  7. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Though there have been larger comebacks, but at least the Oilers and Falcons lost in OT and Indy lost to KC by a point. If this is a double digit HOU loss it’s sort of worse than the Oilers and Colts losses. Nothing can be worse than blowing a 25 point lead in the SB.
  8. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Also beat the 4 seed on the road in Week 17 just to get in. HOU had nothing to play for in that game but still, that’s insane.
  9. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Man, WTF is up with Scott Zolak on Twitter during this game? He’s beyond unhinged. Is he always like this?
  10. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Even given that KC won a super bowl 50 years ago, that quarter might have been the all time peak of the franchise. That’s basically a 45 minute orgasm if you’re a Chiefs fan.
  11. Dehere

    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    There was a pretty good story in the NYT today about the decline of home field advantage. Four of six NFL playoff games so far won by the road team. All seven World Series games won by the road team. Every NHL division winner out in the first round of last year’s playoffs. If you can just get...
  12. Dehere

    NFL 100 All-Time Team Co-Hosted by Bill Belichick

    Start with two premises that I think are not controversial: - The game of football is more complex today than ever before and the athletes who play it are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. - Quarterback is the most important position in the game if not in all of team sports. If...
  13. Dehere

    Belichick and Saban: The Art of Coaching (HBO Doc)

    It needed to be a lot more football talk and a lot less narration. The biographical “then he got this job, then he got that job” stuff is already pretty well understood by anyone who would sit down to watch this. The part about BB and Saban beating a great Cowboys team in Dallas was more what...
  14. Dehere

    College Football Week 15 Game Thread - Championship Weekend

    Are they? In home games with Michigan, Wisconsin blew them out and Penn St won narrowly. In road games at Minnesota with a lot on the line Wisconsin won pretty handily and Penn St got beat. I don’t really have a dog in the fight but just watching a fair amount of Big 10 games this year...
  15. Dehere

    Race horse deaths

    The board can’t but the governor can. Well-placed friend in racing outside of CA says it’s now a prevalent belief that’s what will happen.
  16. Dehere

    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    On the video the shooter appears to have an unobstructed path to Papi. Seems incredibly lucky that Ortiz was not killed on the spot. ESPN reporting the surgeon says he’s “out of the danger zone”
  17. Dehere

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    Add the home runs into the balls in play and it won’t change the larger point. Extreme occurrences are always exciting. Night in, night out I feel like the current version of the game is less enjoyable than it was a generation ago.
  18. Dehere

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    For me it’s not the increase in HRs by itself, it’s the increase in the three true outcomes coupled with slower pace of play. In a typical game this season you’ve got basically 50 plate appearances that don’t result in one of the three true outcomes in a three hour game. That’s a playable ball...
  19. Dehere

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Massive respect for Kawhi’s relentlessness. Felt like that was the difference.
  20. Dehere

    Derby anyone?

    As soon as the horse dumped his rider he became a Did Not Finish. It’s rare that you see what happened today but it does happen. I once saw a horse dump the rider and then lead wire-to-wire because, guess what, they run a little easier when they don’t have 126 pounds sitting on their back...