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  1. CJM

    Dustin Pedroia Retrospective

    I was just coming to post that quote. It deserves to be presented in its full glory, as it was published in USA Today: 'You don't know who I am? You don't know who I am?' " Francona says. " 'Ask Jeff f———- Francis who the f—- I am. I'm the guy who hit a bomb and just ended their f———- season."
  2. CJM

    Carry on my Hayward Son: Gordon to Charlotte for 4 years, $120M

    The first part is reasonable. Being a fan is inherently emotional and subjective and having an emotional response to his decision seems legit (and it's a feeling I share to some degree). The second seems...ungenerous and maybe unrealistic? Sure, he could have re-signed here, which might have...
  3. CJM

    NBA 20/21 season thread

    This may be a dumb question, but I couldn't readily find the answer. Where does the luxury money go? It's not used for revenue sharing, right? So it goes back to the league, but the only answer I could find is that it goes to 'other purposes'. Does it help finance the running of the league as a...
  4. CJM

    December 2019 General NBA Game Thread

    On a recent episode of Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball 2 Podcast*, Daryl Morey said that older college players were a draft inefficiency that the Rockets and others teams had looked at and one he thought that was still operative. Nothing about year-to-year development though. *as a sidenote...
  5. CJM

    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    Can you guys help me with something---what skills/attributes give Tatum such a high ceiling? Is it his length or shooting stroke or ability to take guys off the dribble or some legit alpha secret sauce? Watching the Celtics the past few seasons has been an education, but I'm still far away from...
  6. CJM

    Pedroia on DL

    Assonance is reserved for steroids, not injuries. Luckily no need to fear Pedey and PEDs.
  7. CJM

    Following Former Red Sox 2016

    A poor attempt at sarcasm. Love his guttiness pitching through injury and his key work in 2013 or irrationally hate his face, I doubt anyone has forgotten Big Lack.
  8. CJM

    Following Former Red Sox 2016

    This is forgettable former Sox pitcher John Lackey in a completely unLackeyian camo suit. He's holding a beer. (from Twitter via Vice Sports)
  9. CJM

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    My last message got quintuple posted and eaten alive. I think the site's rebuking me for being a longtime, freeloading, no-good, bad news such-and-such. Take my money as soon as possible and give it Harrison! (I'm in it solely for the charity, the avatar and re-access to the soothing hum of...
  10. CJM

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

  11. CJM

    Essay on the 2004 Red Sox and Leaving Boston

        Not much that's readily available. I've got tons of stories and a completed novel manuscript but landing stories is tough and, as Catomatic can tell you, landing novels is even trickier. I've had a few pieces published in small print journals and one online...
  12. CJM

    Essay on the 2004 Red Sox and Leaving Boston

    Thanks for all of your kind words. I don't post much here, but I lurk constantly. In terms of the quality of readers and depth of knowledge, SoSH is the audience I was aiming for. I dreaded bricking on some basic Sox fact and getting hammered here. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed it.    Wilked...
  13. CJM

    Essay on the 2004 Red Sox and Leaving Boston

    I've got an essay up on Gulf Coast about being a Sox fan and Bostonian in (self-imposed) exile. 2004 is well-charted territory, especially for SoSH, but I thought some people here might enjoy another personal story about how the championship was a life-defining moment. A "Win it For..." mention...
  14. CJM

    NLDS Game Thread

    Dodgers bullpen,and not Lackey, spits the bit.
  15. CJM

    NBA Playoffs: Round One Game Thread

    Every time I see Big Al, I think, 'That is one ugly dude.'
  16. CJM

    Patriots and the Media

    Plus the question mark at the end of "good looking" is like the media-acceptable version of "no homo". EDIT: unless Israel is just exceedingly choosy with its men.
  17. CJM

    Patriots and the Media

    If you dislike Tom Brady because of his high fives, you have the sense of humor of a zucchini.
  18. CJM

    Patriots and the Media

    This may be tangential, but part of the issue is not only the media's love/hate relationship with the Patriots, but it's fascination/annoyance with New England fans.    It's an angle that seems to have come to the fore over the past decade, driven by the narrative of sad-sack loser fandom to...
  19. CJM


      I was just coming to post a link to this. I've always admired Rany's insight into baseball and the Royals, as well as his ability to get the best out of Joe Sheehan while avoiding succumbing to Sheehan's shrill adversarial style. I marvel that he can produce so much material while being a...