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  1. Over Guapo Grande

    03/28 The Devils come up to Boston

    Keep the points rolling. (caution- language) View:
  2. Over Guapo Grande

    B's vs Buffalol, v 2.5

    The original sequel got canceled. In that time, I have started fostering-to-adopt a dog who came from a kill shelter in Tennesee. In that time, the Bruins have not failed to gain a point in any of their games. Coincidence? SSS alert? Who knows. All I know is that Bojangles knows many...
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    Bruins vs the Islanders- Home Opener (Fans Included version)

    Yeah, the Islanders have been a "bit" of a thorn in the B's side this year. Of course, that is like saying that a cracked vertebra is a bit of an inconvenience. The good news is that Pasta, Krejci, and Smith have cleared COVID protocols, and returned to practice yesterday. The Garden will...
  4. Over Guapo Grande

    B's vs buffaLOL part 2

    I am not going to lie. I need this winning streak to continue. Right now "undefeated game thread starter" is the headline of my resume. So let's get another W.
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    3/18 The Bruins vs. the "NHL" team of Buffalo

    Today is St Patrick's day. Patrick, of course, is well known for driving the snakes out if Ireland using a sabre. So I say take the sabre, and let this so-called hockey team from Buffalo fall upon it. Everyone is talking about the Irish today.... IRISH IRISH IRISH. Irish I was a little...
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    3/16 B's V P's, Part Deux

    Yes- I am starting this early. As an esteemed member once said.... Eff The Ruuulz. We've been relying a lot on our traditional Game Thread starters here in the 'Stache. So Call me Wakefield trotting in from the Bullpen. I'll gladly give up 5 if we can get 6 tomorrow. Just looking to do...
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    The cost of youth athletics

    Spawned from a derailment in BBtL... this crosses multiple sports. From a personal level, I played soccer at a fairly competitive level for 3 seasons growing up.... and I know the cost was nowhere near what it is these days (I know, because I know my parents wouldn't be able to afford it)...
  8. Over Guapo Grande

    2021 Golf Thread

    Is it time for a 21 thread? I cashed in some "thank you" company points to pick up a new set of irons. Wilson G7's versus 10+ year old Mizuno TZoids. I figure that I don't play with a permisson wood anymore (except if I put the 5w in the bag), no need to keep playing old tech.
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    4/8 FLA@BOS ROW ROW ROW the boat.

    A ROW means first place. ROW sounds like Roe. Roe is caviar. Caviar goes with champagne. Champagne goes to the champians(sic). Win today.
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    4/7 Ott@Bos Rest for the key players

    As playoffs approach, it is time to rest up everyone who has got us this far in the season. Napkin, Salem's Lot, PSK, etc. all had long runs this season. Consider this a late season callup/spot gamethread start as RMPSers round into playoff form. As for the game itself, the push is still on...
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    RMPS outing

    I'll take this upon myself this year-- after each season since we protected the Civic, a bunch of us have gotten together and played whack-a-ball for 4.5 hours, with a few adult beverages (and onion rings) mixed in. I'll edit this and put a poll up shorty, but initial thoughts on timing of the...
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    Chris Kluwe - NFL Injuries

    I didn't see a thread to toss this in, and more threads are betters, so I am tossing this out for digestion.  Chris Kluwe (former punter of the Vikings) wrote a pretty good article for SI.COM on how teams tend to screw with bottom of the roster players with injuries in the pre-season.        I...