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    Overseas baseball is back!

    Here's a link to stream some games
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    We're on to Jacksonville

    Apologies if this post is silly, but since we are talking about David Ortiz's longevity on the main board...   In leaked comments, Brady has said that he wants to play until the age of 45. He is 38 now, which is the age that Montana, Marino, and Elway all retired. Peyton is 39, and it looks like...
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    Converting wired surround sound system to wireless

    Hi all,   I have some pretty decent wired speakers that I'd like to keep, but would also like to convert them to "wireless" using a bluetooth or some other sort of adaptor. Would love to hear what you all think are the best options. I have a 5.1 setup and would love to preserve that, only...
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    The 3-year plan?

    It has been stated or alluded to in various threads (2015 prediction, Vasquez, etc.) that 2015 is not "the year".   If that's the case, and also assumed to be the case by the front office (although they would never acknowledge it officially), then what's the plan for the next few years?   We all...
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    If not Revis, then who?

    If we lose out on the sweepstakes, the Patriots will have some extra cap room. What would be the best way to use it?   Personally, I'd offer Harvin a 1 year make-good contract with incentives, sign Helu for 2-3 years, maybe bring back Wilfork on short money for another year, and try to win back...
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    Greatest Game-Saving Defensive Plays

    Malcolm Butler's interception heard round the world now has to be considered one of the greatest game-saving plays in football history. What are the others?   Obviously for the Patriots, Willie McGinest's goal-line tackle of Edgerrin James in 2003 was huge, but it wasn't in the Super Bowl. The...
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    The Blountfumo Affair

    Maybe not worth posting, but Yahoo is featuring it prominently on its home page...    
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    When the Seahawks Have The Ball--Matchup Discussion and Analysis

    I'd think with Seattle's rather unimpressive passing weapons, the Patriots should be able to cheat a little and have someone like Chung or even Arrington stay close and try to contain Lynch and Wilson when they try to run/do read option. Most of Lynch's big runs occurred in the 2nd half when it...
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    The Landing of the Granma: Recent Cuban Imports

    Since their arrival, Chapman, Cespedes, Puig, and Abreu have put up the following numbers:   Chapman (26) 6 years, $30.25 million with multiple bonuses ($5m AAV) 2010     13.1 IP     K/9 12.8     BB/9 3.4     ERA 2.03     FIP 1.35     WAR 0.6 (~3m) 2011     50.0 IP     K/9 12.8     BB/9 7.4    ...
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    A loan system for American sports

    Since I've gotten into soccer, I've been intrigued by the loan system that is used extensively, to get a blocked youngster more playing time, as a tryout for a possible deal, to fill a short-term need, or for whatever reasons. It's kind of curious to me that such a system hasn't been adopted by...
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    Stephen Drew will be seeing Dr. DRS now ($10)

      I say he plays a total of 45 games this season.