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  1. mikeford

    Is my storage hard drive dying?

    Just in the past 24 hours, I've had my laptop internal storage drive (D drive, so not the one it boots off of) start to hang on certain media files and then it will outright disappear from file explorer. Trying to run disc cleanup or defrag causes the same issue: hang and then disappearance and...
  2. mikeford

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    It's official. The club has unveiled Unai Emery as the man who takes over for Arsene Wenger after 22 years. Figured we might as well start a new thread now. This is pretty much the biggest moment for Arsenal since the ill-fated Champions League final in 2006.
  3. mikeford

    Arsenal 2017-18: Au Revoir, Arsene

    Well at least we won a trophy. More than most of England can say. No Champions League to worry about getting knocked out of by Bayern Munich this year. Instead we get to travel to lovely places in Bulgaria with ruined pitches to play on Thursdays. A real treat. Signed a LWB for free...
  4. mikeford

    Patriots release former 1st rounder Dominique Easley

    WTF? I know the guy was hurt a lot but just released in the middle of April like that?
  5. mikeford

    Midweek gamethread (March 3 & 4)

    Theres games tomorrow!   Most of the good ones are Wednesday though.   Buuuuut I start this thread now to mention this: Turns out Adam Johnson of Sunderland might be a gigantic piece of garbage: Adam Johnson arrested on suspicion of sex with girl, 15    
  6. mikeford

    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 5/2: Better late than never!   Actually really gonna happen    Its probably a few years too late but still
  7. mikeford

    Celtics unveil new 3rd jersey with sleeves...

    Red Auerbach presently spinning in his grave.
  8. mikeford

    Chandler Jones out for a month?
  9. mikeford

    World Cup Day 2: MEX/CAM, SPA/NET, CHI/AUS

    Mexico/Cameroon at noon on the Deuce
  10. mikeford

    December Game Thread

    Mike Ryder just scored a goal that will make PSK wet