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  1. sonsoftrotnixon

    Thank you, Petey: Dustin Pedroia announces his retirement

    A special thanks to Tito for sticking with this kid out of the gate. NESN article from 2010
  2. sonsoftrotnixon

    20 K's: 4/29/1986

    Clemens was the first pitcher I saw that made me literally root for the offense to get their 3 outs and let Roger get back on the mound. Only two players have had that effect on me. Him, and Pedro.
  3. sonsoftrotnixon

    15 Years

    I can't believe no one has posted the Arod Purse pic yet....
  4. sonsoftrotnixon

    SF Giants -- a modern-day catastrophe

    Yaz’s grandson has his first triple and HR tonight against BAL.
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    Thanks for the post in my unlimited PTO topic. I'm eager to hear your experiences. I run an...

    Thanks for the post in my unlimited PTO topic. I'm eager to hear your experiences. I run an exhibit company that designs/builds/services trade show exhibits (and other exhibits) and we're very seasonal so this is a concern as well as the non-exempt/hourly employees (I only have 6 of those...
  6. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

    I am. However it's mainly when playing music to a bluetooth connected speaker. It's very choppy and erratic at times, but not all the time.
  7. sonsoftrotnixon

    Natinals vs. Dodger$

    Did anyone get a Grady Little vibe when Roberts went out to the mound and left Kershaw in the game to load the bases? They'd be roasting him if they had lost that game.
  8. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

    I have a MOTO X (2nd gen) and this latest update has killed my battery life.  Also bluetooth doesn't work without turning it off and on several times to get it to pair with my car or bluetooth speaker.  Has anyone experienced this similar problem with Bluetooth?  I've deleted all profiles and...
  9. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

    Anyone have experience with the new Moto-X?  I have the original and have enjoyed it but suddenly I can't get through a work day without charging it. 
  10. sonsoftrotnixon

    Home Automation / Connected Devices / IOT

    My very basic setup thus far: I have WeMO light switches in the house that I use to control lights in a few rooms (the kids never shut their lights or TV off in their bedrooms for example).  I can see if the lights are on/off from anywhere, and if we're on vacation I can turn them on so it...
  11. sonsoftrotnixon

    Replay to Expand in 2014

    Farrell to be fined by MLB for his replay remarks following the weekend series ..
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    Bluetooth Speakers

    I have a "DECK" by Sol Republic and have been very pleased with it.   Review here:   Edit: I use it outdoors (it has an "outdoor" mode) and this also has the ability to have up to 5 users I believe so you...
  13. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

      I have had a Moto-X since they launched and love it.  The size is perfect, performance is great (coming off an Iphone 4s which I jailbroke).  My only advice is don't drop the sucker!  I've dropped mine three times and all three times the screen shattered completely.  I don't like carrying it...
  14. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

      I finally figured out that it's actually a signal strength issue at my office, and not the phone.  All the calls I've had trouble with were because I was in my office with shitty signal. Outside and at home, no issues.  I may have to get an amplifier which is odd because I never had issues...
  15. sonsoftrotnixon

    4G Android phone megathread

    Just picked up a Motorola Moto X to try for a month.  Pretty solid phone as far as the features but I've noticed that nearly everyone I've talked to has trouble hearing all but about every other word unless I'm on speaker.  It must be the noise cancellation built into the speaker but it's...
  16. sonsoftrotnixon

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    I'll give it a try, thanks.
  17. sonsoftrotnixon

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    I realize that but only the partition with the operating files shows up (and it's only a few hundred MB). I used EASUS to make the "SDCARD" partition larger but it's not viewable. Maybe I'm missing something (or just plain stupid). I do find much more use for it now with Nookie Froyo. I even...
  18. sonsoftrotnixon

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    I agree, I finally resorted to this method and it's working fine. The drawback is you have to partition your SD card for storage and you can no longer drag and drop files onto the nook via the USB connection. I downloaded an app that allows you to do it via the web but for big files it's not...
  19. sonsoftrotnixon

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    I really want to like this thing but the one I have has given me nothing but trouble. I have wiped it three times and started from scratch but I still have problems with Gmail and the market. Market won't download any apps at all now and Gmail is useless on it (won't sync). At one point the...
  20. sonsoftrotnixon

    Nook Color: sneaky Android tablet

    Thanks Foulkey. Has anyone had problems syncing Gmail, contacts, or calendar? I can't get the Gmail app to work properly at all. I'm going to redo tonight and see what happens.